What's been in Britney's mouth?

Recently, I mean. No sense getting overwhelmed by the possibilities.

I just read a news article that said Britney Spears was giving an interview on some pop music show. The interviewer apparently has a habit of asking silly questions like “what kind of tree would you like to be?”

Anyway he asked Britney “What was the most recent thing you’ve had in your mouth?” Spears gave an unexpected answer that brought the interview to an end.

However, the article wouldn’t be more specific about her response beyond saying it involved a sex toy. Nor was it discussed whether Spears explained the circumstances where she had this item in her mouth.

So what was Britney’s actual quoted answer and was there a follow-up?


'When he asked her what was the last thing she’d had in her mouth, she replied “a dildo” ’

That was my first guess. Admittedly I was hoping the answer was “I pulled the pasties off a stripper’s nipples with my teeth” but I knew it was unlikely.

Sadly, not my penis.

She’ll get to it eventually.

Sounds to me like she thought the question was offensive, so she gave them a shot back.

It could be that she’s just working to build up a skankier image.

Considering the things I’ve seen in my lifetime… she may have been speaking the truth.

I’m with Sam. It’s obvious that she knew what the were angling for and gave it to them in spades. Good for her.

A better shot back would be, “Your boyfriend’s dildo.” Tsk, these Hollywood kids…

I assume little BS will follow her usual pattern: having said this week she sucks the occasional dildo, next week she’ll give an interview where she talks about her love of rainbows and fuzzy kittens and deplores the way so many bad people are trying to ruin her unsullied image.

There is no such thing as infinity plus one. You just get more infinity.

Actually, the mathematical concept of ‘cardinality’ has been used to demonstrate that some infinities are larger than others.

Useful for, say, seeing if Britney is skankier than Chritina Agulilalalalalwhatever. Both may be of infiinite skankiness, but mathematics still might be able to demonstrate which is the “winner”.

If we’re talking about orders of infinity in regards to skankiness then it must be said that one Courtney Love is infinitely more infinitely skanky than Britney Spears and Christian Aguilera put together.

I feel like I’m the winner. :smiley:

You know, that’s what I love about this place. Get off a perfectly witty wiseass remark and someone is sure to come along and invalidate it with an inconvenient fact. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but that “fact” is usually wrong.

Infinity plus one equals infinity for any cardinality of infinity.

You’re probably right Exapno Mapcase, I didn’t understand cardinality when it came up in college.

Is there a good example of skank-like behaviour that can demonstrate different levels of infinite skankiness?

And where does Paris “I find talking on my cellphone more interesting than sex” Hilton fit on the skank scale?

On the scale of skankiness, both Paris Hilton and Courtney Love are well out of the transfinite cardinals and probably both well-beyond any weakly inaccessible ones.