What will Britney Spears do when this happens?

The wife made me watch this crap last night. And as Britney was whining, tearfully and pleading to the media to leave her alone, I said to the wife, “Its not going to be long before it happens…What will poor Britney do when no one comes to take her picture any more?”

Porn, probably.

Celebrity boxing?

And after porn…

And after Celebrity Boxing…

“Today, co-hosting the 700 Club…”

Nothing says “class” like chewing gum while being interviewed on national television.

I think Britney will enter the Michael Jackson zone of totallly insane.

With her mouth open, no less.

I don’t know, I don’t particularly think of Britney Spears as an attention-whore. I can legitimately believe that she wants to be left alone.

Yes. Because people who want to be left alone are always the ones who call up Matt Lauer and beg for an interview. Who blow their skeevy boyfriends on balconies when they KNOW the papparazzi are watching. Who throw milkshakes at said papparazzi, and then go around from network to network, trying to sell their home movies for their own reality show. Uh huh. Sure.

I don’t think any of those things void one’s right to or legitimate desire for privacy. Things like interviews and reality shows are part of someone like her’s career (I know some will say removal of personal privacy is also part and parcel: I disagree). I wasn’t aware that she gave her boyfriend a blowjob in front of the paparazzi (I don’t know a particularly great deal about Spears), and that seems odd, but again, has zip-all to do with having people give her privacy when she wants it.

The balcony incident you’re referring to is talked about half-way down on this page

Though not exactly classy - it’s not as horrible as what you describe. Just an annoyed celeb giving the paparazzi a hard time.

I would like very much for Britney to disappear. She’s a mediocre performer with a pretty face. Her husband is shady and she’s wreaking havoc on her body by having two kids in a year. I never found her to be remotely entertaining and don’t find her personal travails interesting in any way.
I think she goes away for the most part, resurfacing occasionally like Liza or Elizabeth Taylor when she or her husband does something nutty. Good riddance to her, I say.

Replace “pretty face” with “hot body” and I’m, like, totally with ya.

Yeah, I think Greta Garbo was the first to sport the hot pink maternity sportsbra symbol of sought after solitude.


Not going to be long? Playboy will probably send her monthly requests to pose for a couple of decades.

I don’t think Britney will do a porn movie or anything. If the spotlight slips aways from her and she can’t get it back by other means, look for a XXX video of Britney and her current boyfriend doing some recreational sex to “accidentally” get distributed, a la Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton. I think this will become a fairly common stratagem for stars whose time is past in the next decade or two.

The photos of the event are here if anyone would like to judge for themselves how “simulated” it was. (The photos are safe for work.) Basically, she dissapeared from view and K-Fed started showing his O-face. I think something happened, but I really don’t want to think about it too much and give myself skeevy, trashy nightmares.

Speaking of skeevy Kevin, did anyone else notice his embarassed smirk when he was asked about Britney in his little segment? He looked like he was ashamed to even be associated with her.

To answer the OP, I noticed she seems to speak, think, and live in cliches, so I think she will continue to try to live the sparkly princess fantasy until she turns into Baby Jane. I don’t think it matters much if anyone is watching or not, so long as they’re not being “mean”.

Wait, there’s a video of Pamela and Paris?

My spam filter must be blocking these things better than I had thought. I don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed. :slight_smile:

I watched it; ugh. I do feel like she’s getting a bad deal as far as her slip-ups with her son.

Having said that, as a musician/songwriter, I was particularly galled when Lauer asked her about her next album, what would it be like, etc., and she smacked her gum and sighed and vacantly said “Oh, I don’t know”.

You don’t know? Of course you don’t have the slightest idea, you fvcking fraud. Some people your record company pays will take care of it all except your vocal parts (well, laying down the human fraction of your vocal tracks), it will be fabulous, in heavy rotation, and give a boost to your cosmetic line/clothes line/trailer skirt line, even if it sells less than a tenth of your poptart stuff.

I know it sounds like sour grapes, but really, I’m saying that any artist worth their salt would know exactly what the hell to do if they were given that kind of setup!

Right on. Cocaine, and lots of it. :smiley:

Of course, Britney is a safe bet for the record company. As long as they cut her check she’ll be right there to sing the notes written for her. A real artist wants control, wants to take his/her time to make things sound just right. Britney shows up. That’s it.

I just don’t understand the overall fascination with her. She’s interchangeable, completely replaceable. Just find another cutie who can dance, slap a python and a fedora on her and let her wiggle that babymaker. Same fucking thing.