Britney Spears is at it again

Link. Discuss if you care to. I bring this up solely because I think it’s time that somebody started checking young female celebs for genetic (or brain) damage.

Please tell me that these things going on are not a foreshadowing of Emma Watson’s future.

Oops she did it again.

Same shit, different day.

I’m in the :rolleyes: camp. She needs to grow up, be a mother to ther children, and become a responsible adult instead of the spoiled little drug induced rich kid that we see today.

For those who don’t like linkies, she pulled a Russel Crowe on two reporters.

Okay, here’s what I can’t understand. You know Madonna? That attention whore constantly reshaping her image to remain in the spotlight and crass experimenting with blah blah blah? She was still making music all that time. For all the hype and fluff and glitz, she at least was still doing some actual work. And despite what you heard, a lot of it was very well received…check out the reviews for Erotica, for example. She hasn’t done anything in a while, so we haven’t heard about her in a while.

Britney Spears? Dead in the water. Old hat. Yesterday’s news. Cold pizza. And it’s been like that for years now (her greatest hits collection was released in late '04, for crying out loud). She has two children; why the hell didn’t I hear a word about this anywhere? Especially since a big part of her initial hype was that whole “virgin” thing? Doesn’t matter. Born too late to matter.

Anna Kournikova was a once-in-a-lifetime internet phenomenon (and a very good tennis player before all the injuries hit), but her time passed, and we hardly hear anything about her now. Michael Jackson is one of the most influential American musicians ever, but by now even his freak-of-nature schtick isn’t worth the time of day. Fame has little mercy for has-beens; even if they were hot for a thousand todays, they can still be gone tomorrow.

Why is Britney Spears seemingly completely exempt from reality?

I think Spears is going to end up at a Michael Jackson level of crazy.

Because photos of her still sell magazines. Michael Jackson, not so much.

Edited to add: replying to DKW’s post

We love to watch them fall apart? That’s my only guess. I’m a mean, petty person who can’t afford a nice house, am worried sick about saving money for retirement, can’t afford to go to Europe and see Venice, cut my own hair… And watching people with more money, fame, opportunity, and even talent than they know what to do with screw up their lives, well.

It makes me feel a little better sometimes. I mean, that I have a husband, a home, a job, and it’s all kinda stable, you know? Not always exciting, but stable. And real.

That’s all I got.

I hope it’s a lesson for future flavors-of-the-month: adopting the “virgin” shtick is a losing proposition in the long term. After you’ve queefed out a couple of pups and your ass starts to resemble an avalanche of ricotta, even the most dull-witted of your fans are bound to figure out they’ve been duped.

And while I support the right of any woman to flash her bulgogi to the world (thus granted eternal life on the Internet), it seems like the sort of thing one would want to consult an attorney about and sign releases for first, rather than rushing into shitfaced and clueless.

Why do people slow down to stare at the mangled debris of a car crash?

Why isn’t she facing terroristic threat charges, is what I want to know! (or whatever that state calls it)

Who really gives a shit about this slapper?

She’s got 2 kids and fucks about with that other waste of space Paris Hilton instead of being a decent parent

At one time Spears had everything going for her, looks…and she was a stunner at one time, now look at her…what a frigging mess

Most read about it for the same reason they watch talk shows, it feels good to pass judgment on other people.

Right on the nose, old bean.

To be fair, Britney does that one too.

See, rich people are just like us plebes!

To stay on top of the celebrity game, you need some amount of actual talent. That’s why Madonna and Christina Aguilera have survived relatively intact and Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are looking to follow Anna Nicole Smith’s example. The publicity monster has to keep eating and if you can’t feed it with your work then it will eat you instead.

Britney is fascinating because while plenty of others have gone from beautiful megastar to the cover of Crack Whore magazine in short order (looking at you, Whitney Houston!), rarely do we get to watch it happen in real time in such exhaustive detail.

It’s less like gawking at a wreck scene and more like watching the wreck happen in slow motion.

What’s funny is that years ago people were comparing her to Christina Aguilera and discussing who would have the better career.

Really? I thought her **bodyguard **pulled a Russell Crowe on two reporters. She seems to have mostly stood back yapping like a terrier and tossing a baby bottle their way while he’s being charged with battery.

And who knew the third wheel Mandy Moore would skunk them both?