SO sick of Britney


PLEASE do not tell me she’s gorgeous, sexy, whatever…

She’s a no-talent bratty little shit that looks like a horse’s ass!

She looks pretty trashy there. But, I’d still do her.

::ducks as bittersweet throws a plate at his head::

Nah, the only thing I’d throw is a nasty glance your way.
Most guys think with their peepees anyway.

Her fifteen minutes are just… about… up…

Ah, tramp, if only I could believe that…

I lost interest when I found out she wasn’t a virgin. Damn that Justin!

So, it’s been almost a week now. :wink:

If only that skirt was a little smaller…

BTW-Although I find Britney hot and all, what the hell is wrong with her fashion sense? She’s worn some utterly repugnant items of clothing in her time…

Well, Meatros, it isn’t like she dresses herself. She likely has folks from a dozen companies and agencies living in a cavernous closet handing her grotesque items of crap to wear any time she leaves the house.

Weren’t people saying this about Madonna about 20 years ago?

Look, Britney, just move on to the straight to video porn already. Otherwise stop wasting my time.

Give me Britney anyday over the horrendous J-Lo.

Actually, has anyone noticed how short Miss Spears legs are? I seem to recall someone in some kind of article saying she had mile-long legs, but from that photo (which is actually taken at an angle that should make her legs look longer) and many others, they appear quite short. I’m not saying this to disrespect her or be mean, but it goes to show that everyone has flaws, no matter how many people insist they’re perfect.

P.S. bittersweet, anecdote: my friend was in Los Angeles and happened to see Britney walk by. He said she was very average - someone he wouldn’t really notice walking down the beach.

Why hasn’t Britney been in Playboy yet? Hef hasn’t added enough zeros? This is a travesty. It’s egregious, outrageous, and unreasonable. harumph

She’s not going to make more, gasp, CDs is she?

Any one who thinks this girl is Soooo hot needs to spend more time in Brazil.

What about her boobs?

What’s the big deal anyway? So she’s hot…just like a billion other women are. I never got why so many people thought she is so amazing.

They are most certainly not surgically enhanced, and I’d be willing to bet they never have been. According to that site, she went from (approximate sizes):


No one would put in/take out implants that many times. Her changing breast size is due to lighting, good angles, push-up garments, falsies, and airbrushing. I’m guessing she’s a full A/very small B with no extra help.

I think she’s quite unattractive (butt-ugly, you might say), untalented, and hella annoying to boot . . .

. . . but I kinda like the outfit, if the skirt covered a bit more than her camel-crack, and minus the bowtie. . .

It’s because I was a teenager in the 80s, isn’t it?

I never thought she was all that pretty, it’s mostly the body and makeup. With a dozen sylists, makeup artists and hairdressers at my beck and call, I’d be pretty damn hot too.

When you see footage of her pre-stardom, she really is quite plain. Never really thought her voice was all that great either.

Of course, neither is Madonna’s. :dubious:

I looked at the title of the OP, and my reaction was:

You are complaining that your significant other is sick of Britney? There’s something seriously wrong with that picture – you do realize that now he’ll have more time for you? (apologies for assuming heterosexuality in the absence of evidence to the contrary; I know the GLBT crowd might rip me apart for that; but, at least I made the effort to check the gender of the OP before posting)