"Put some clothes on, Britney"

I see from pictures this morning of last night’s American Music Awards that Britney Spears has once again decided to show us what she’s got. I have no problem with that; I enjoy looking at scantily attired women. If Britney Spears wants to build a career on performing three quarters naked, more power to her. What I don’t like is her “I’m just dancing around in pasties and a g-string because I feel comfortable this way, but I hate all those perverts looking at me because I’m a Christian and a virgin” attitude. If Britney Spears doesn’t want people looking at her body, she should dress like Amy Grant not Jennifer Lopez. Of course, I’m sure Britney and her management realizes the gravy train derails the day she starts relying on her talent instead of her booty.

Britney Spears is single-handedly providing my children, ages 10, 13, and 16, with a priceless education in “separating the steak from the sizzle”. Watching the show last night, they effortlessly distinguished between the truly talented singers and the no-talent “those who merely jump around and shake their booty”. I came downstairs in the middle of the program and asked the room in general, “Is she wearing any clothes this time?” and immediately received a complete rundown concerning not only the jumpsuit that came off and the bikini that was under it, but also the obviousness of the ploy.

A triumph of parenthood–at the end of her final set-piece dance routine to her new single, she sort of sauntered around for a few seconds, and then turned around and did a huge fast fanny-wiggle right at the camera. All three kids guffawed loudly, and Bonzo whinnied, “Ooooh, I’m so hot!

Yes! [pumps proud maternal fist into air]

Yeah, Brattney is a virgin like I’m a priest.
The gal sells her body for money. I have no trouble with prostitutes, mind. Just the ones who don’t admit they are.

Ah, Madonna. I miss the material girl.

The thing that gets me is she isn’t even sexy. She just looks…bland looking. I prefer more interesting looking people. Besides, if she had the least bit of talent/etc., she wouldn’t need to be pumping up her chest like a nike air thingy.

I’m with y’all. Who cares if she’s a virgin or not? I assume she is 'cause she says she is, but why bother to “save” herself when she’s willing to strip down to her birthday suit on national TV? “I may show my tits to millions of viewers but at least I’m not SLEEPING with anybody!” Yeah, okay; gold star.

To me, it’s boring. “I’ve got breasts!” Yeah, me too. “I’ve got a belly-button!” Yeah, me too. “I look like a plasticized cross between Barbie and Pamela Anderson Lee!” Yeah, me t-- well, okay, I definitely don’t, but who cares? I think she thinks if she can just dazzle people with her beau-tay (and her boo-tay), they might overlook the fact that she has zero talent. Christina Aguilera may be trashy too, but at least she can sing.

I think the thing that bothers me about B.S. (tee hee) is that she has inspired an entire generation of girls to dress like porn stars. Insert any tacky joke you want to - heck, I’d be the first to do so usually - but it seems that whenever I go out I am bombarded by bleach-blondes in tight pants, shorter-than-I-would-wear-at-age-sixteen skirts, and midriff-baring, lowcut un-blouses. I say, why even bother getting dressed? Okay, maybe B.S. isn’t entirely responsible for this fashion trend, but I seriously can’t wait for it to end. Seeing young girls dressed that way is pornography to me. And I’m very liberal when it comes to this kind of thing.

And I get embarassed when I think back on my heavy metal eighties hair bigness? Sheesh.

This is a matter of personal opinion. Just had to mention that. :slight_smile:

Nahhhhhhhhhhh…too easy.

You know, what’s more demeaning-having sex for the first time with someone you love and care about, even though you’re not married-or squeezing into miniscule thongs and bras and prancing up and down a stage, swinging around a stripper’s pole all for the money-then trying to claim you’re a “good role model because you haven’t had sex?”

Thank you, Delta-9. I, too, have my opinions about Christina Aquavelva’s singing (the word “good” doesn’t play a big part in them).

FEATHERLOU and DELTA-9: Actually, I don’t think it’s really a matter of personal opinion – the girl can really sing. Just like Celine Dion can really sing and Mariah Carey can really sing and Whitney Houston can really sing – amazing range, great breath-control, the ability to project, amazing vocalization. Not every famous singer is a good singer.

Some people can’t sing and sing crap – Britney Spears, for one example. Some people can sing, by any objective measure, and still sing crap – Christina, Celine, and Mariah all being examples, IMO.

I never said I liked Christina Aguilera; I just said she could sing.

Ya know, I once played in a band with a guy who sounded just like Neil Young. Overheard in a bar at a gig:

Dude One: Jeez, that guy sings just like Neil Young!

Dude Two: Neil Young can’t sing!

Dude One: Well, then, he can’t sing just like Neil Young.

This isn’t a hijack, believe it or not. Christina, Celine, and Mariah (though I don’t know them personally, I’ll use your familiar form of address) are the vocal equivalents of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Eric Johnson (I’ve never met them, so I’ll use either full or last names) i.e. they’re all technique and no soul, or to paraphrase Duck Duck Goose, all sizzle and no steak. Go take a couple of years of vocal lessons, find a good producer in a digital studio, and I guarantee that you too can be a pop idol with the proper tits. If you can flap your hand, if your producer can manipulate your vox tracks, you’re set.

Really, go sit in on a recording session at a digitally-based studio sometime and look what they can do. Do you really think Shania Twain would have a job without Mutt?

I um, LIKE Celine.

Broccali Spears cracks me up-saying stripping and meaningless sex are okay-but I’m a good girl because I’m still a virgin. Who the fuck cares?

Plus she doesn’t mind sucking a dick or two, and that’s no secret.

I missed the American Music Awards (oh woe is me :rolleyes: ). Anybody have any links to some good pictures of BS? Umm… strictly so I can cough react to her attire.


P.S. I tried the official site–it sucked harder than Christina Aguilera. Well, not really, as that’d be pretty hard. See Lexicon’s post.

I do not really go for blondes, but for what it is worth, Britney Spears is not that hot.

But based upon the semi-delerius sexual rantings of other adolescent males involving her breasts and a phallus.

That’s probably why she sells more videos and posters than CD’s.

Of course, to find a really great singer, you have to go north of the border.

“Uuuh MAYYYYZeeeung Graaaaayce haaoow sweeeeeeut thuh saaawnd…”

AAAAAGH Make it stop! Make it STOP!

WEll, they’re better than Anne Murray singing “I Can See Clearly Now.”

Speaking of Anne Murray, when are she and Willy Nelson going to come up with a box set of their last 2 Made for TV albums called “Songs we didn’t write”?

Jodi wrote:

I was suprised when I found out she could sing. I mean, she’s got a powerful sonorous voice. I mean, she doesn’t even look like she’s got the lung capacity. But even as I discovered this, I discovered that the music she sings is shit. It’s that very generic modern pop soul that I hate so much. To think that with a voice like that she could be another Sarah Vaughn, but instead she’s doing this shreiky crap that Soul Music has devolved into.

There seem to be enough decent female vocalists, but the music that they excrete is not for human consumption. Mariah Carrey has got the range and perhaps even the power of an Ella Fitzgerald, but she’s probably wouldn’t know Moonlight in Vermont if it lost its job and moved in with her.