Does Britney Spears still have a career?

I don’t follow current pop music at all, so I really don’t know anything about this young woman as a performer – she may have a fine set of pipes, for all I know. At this point, however, she’s so totally become the poster girl for white trash with way too much money that it’s hard to imagine that anything she could do would be anything but an afterthought.

Has she got any kind of future in show biz, or will she just be a punchline for jokes about the '00s in 20 years?

Nah. She’s got Kevin. And she wuuuuvs him bunches.

Who knows? I’m not sure why she had a career in the first place, whatever Faustian deal she signed that made that possible might include a comeback, as well.

She can’t really sing all that well … Christina Aguilera, often lumped in with her, actually has a great set of pipes … her success was largely because she embodies the sexy-hot but sweet avatar that was attractive to teen and pre-teen girls at the time, and also because she was sexy to teen boys as well (and IIRC, Bob Dole). To be truthful, I thought she had a hot bod and moved very well, too). But her only real hope now is to reinvent herself, a la Madonna, and I’ve seen no indication that she’s trying.

Ummm…aren’t they getting divorced, or something? I heard they were splitting, but then Britney said she wanted a second baby because it will bring them back together.

Look, if the first one didn’t do it, and his fifteen other kids with fifteen other women didn’t do it, why would #2 for you do it?

Britney who?


Last I heard they’re still together. Not that I follow it or anything. I happened to catch it in passing on the news last night.

That’s kind of my point – I know a ridiculous number of details about her personal life, her Vegas marriage, her white-trash wedding to her white-trash husband, her desire for another kid, etc. – yet don’t think I’ve ever heard her sing a note. I couldn’t name the title of one of her songs if you paid me. I have, I think, seen clips of her in performance – jeweled costumes on sheer material, pierced navel, much crotch-grabbing? perhaps some exotic animals? dry humping with her backup dancers? – but have never been clear what the basis for her superstardom was.

Of course, being a mature female of the heterosexual persuasion who doesn’t listen to AM radio, I’m absolutely not her target audience.

You write as if you think that music is the main thing about being a pop star. Such charming naivete!

She’s positively without talent as far as I’m concerned. I know one song she did. Actually one short phrase in one song…“Ooops I did it again.” And I only know that because one of the gay guys from Will and Grace was pacing out the choreography with Grace in one episode. Their rendition was infinitely more entertaining than ol’ Britt’s.

I’ve given up long ago trying to figure out how the talentless become the next big thing.
Take that joke of an act Ashlee Simpson. She is the butt of all lip-syncing jokes since her SNL stunt, she gets booed at some stadium performance, she has no talent, yet her album becomes a best seller?? Color me confused.
Same goes for these mumbling hip-hop act front men ala 50cent. Where do they find these guys?
So, common sense would say the Britney era is over. But as they say “there’s no accounting for bad taste.” Maybe trailer trash talentless is what sells.

AM RADIO?!?! You haven’t listened to radio in a while either, have you? AM radio doesn’t play pop anymore. AM is pretty much all talk now.

Come on. Didn’t you know ? The deal included themaking of the Britney Spears of Destiny[sup]TM[/sup]. With that, an eternal talentless carreer is guaranteed.


Nope, I live a delightfully radio-free life.

It’s downright captivating!

And yet, a couple of years ago, when I dumped on Britney-Britney-Britney-Can’t-Sing-For-Sh…sugar-Britney, I got dissed. On this very Board.

<SIGH> Prophets have no honor in their own lands…

Same happened to me on another board I frequentBosda. I’ve been spending the past couple of days posting pictures of her. Recent pictures of her. With great glee I might add.

Oh you must post those here

This should be a nice start:

hickeys are so attractive

I’ll let those two sink in for a bit.