Britney doesn't want to show me her breasts anymore

I’m so bummed.

For at least a week, every time I checked my email, there was one titled “Britney Spears Breasts!”

I thought I’d play hard to get, so I never opened the message.

Alas, now it seems she’s given up. Someone else is now trying to entice me with messages titled, “I Want Your &*#$!”

Fess up. It’s one of you SDMB vixens, isn’t it?

{singing} Oh baby baby!{singing}

Alas, now it seems she’s given up. Someone else is now trying to entice me with messages titled, “I Want Your &*#$!”

Ask for a picture. Brittney just wants to show you her breasts, and mighty fine ones they are. Or get someone to take a picture of your ass and send it to her.

Rysdad, there are much better breasts out there, attached to much more attractive (and much less annoying) people.

Anyway… those “Britney Spears’ Breasts!” E-mails were from me… they were actually pictures of my own man-boobs. Don’t know who’s behind the “I want your &*#$!” stuff, though (my man-boob E-mails are now being sent to Coldfire, incidently).

Spoofe, have you seen “Scary Movie?” Remember the scene where lead girl opened her shirt for her boyfriend… hmmm…

::at this point, Tim begins pondering the curves, colors, and textures of Brittney Spear’s breasts, and collapses into a heaving, twitching, drooling fit. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine::


I wouldn’t want to see britney’s breasts anyway. I’m not really into breasts, especially ones that occur from “growth spurts” at the plastic surgeon’s office.

“Boobs, I did them again”…

The guy down the hall was being a dick and playing his mp3s too loud. For some reason he made his entire filesystem available on the network with anonymous access and forgot to turn it off. One night, his mp3 collection (about 3400 of them) all magically turned into Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync and New Kids on the Block.

Confession rolling in… Yes, those are really my breasts attached to Britney’s body, purely for publicity purposes.

Can’t blame a girl for trying :wink:

Sue, send me an email with a pic to prove it. I promise I won’t look.

I don’t understand the fixation on breasts. Hell, once you have seen a couple of million of them, you’ve seen them all. And if any of the SD women want to challenge me on this, send pictures. If I am wrong, I will cheerfully admit it.

There ya go

Damn, Chief, I was wrong. Thanks.

Those nipples look like they’ve got lint on them.
I consider myself an expert.

On lint.

hey Sue…how YOU doin? :slight_smile:

hmmm how does one “schwing” in cyberspace…?

Oops! I sang it again,
This song is the same
As my other song,
Oops! Except I don’t sing:
I only lipsynch everything
Now look at my perfect tits.

Wasnit that the song she did right before “I’m Not That Intelligent?”

Then again, neither am I.

Remember the 3 P’s: Proofread, Preview, Post.

“Make my tits just one more size!”

The version I downloaded was “Make my boobies one more size!”