What's been your experience with tendonitis?

Aaaargh, I’m so mad. I’ve been lifting weights and swimming for about seven months now. This is because I can’t run or bike…because of my F-ing knees and ankles.

So…I go slowly. I increase gradually. Then BAM. F-ing tendonitis in my right elbow.

I don’t think swimming and lifting caused it per se. A week and a half ago, I rented a huge hedge trimmer. I could barely hold the thing at the height necessary. But, a week later…bam. And, of course, I use my right arm for…everything. Naturally, everything exacerbates (hee hee…right arm…exacerbate) it, especially using a mouse. A mouse! I also play guitar, do tons of yard work, etc.

Doctor says ice, advil, and rest for three weeks. If that works, awesome. It’s only three weeks.

But every other F-ing joint in my body is chronically injured with no end in sight, gee, wtf not my elbow?

How 'bout you? I need some hope here.

I’ve had it in my wrists for about 2 years now. Finally got a series of cortisone shots and they’re pretty much back to normal now.

Minor tendonitis in my big toe. I have no idea how it happened. It only acts up if I wear high heels a couple days in a row or if I fence or do some other activity that requires a lot of weight on my toes. Resting for a couple weeks does help. It goes back to feeling normal and then I’ll end up aggravating it again.

Had it in my elbow. It took a good 6 mos to a year to get rid of. Only after I began doing the exercises religiously did it go away. I still have occasional tenderness, so I guess it’s still not totally gone.
I was lucky in that it was my right elbow, and I carried a dumbbell in my car and did my exercises while driving using my center console as an exercise platform.

My experience: it sucks.

Both my wrists, for the last, oh, 12 or 13 years. I have taken to wearing wrist braces to bed, to keep from curling my wrists when I sleep.

I should go back to the doctor, but I have so much going on right now that I will wait until at least August when things settle down.