What's Better - Resurrect a Zombie Thread or Start a New One?

This may be common knowledge around here, but I couldn’t find anything about it in the Registration Agreement.

I was thinking about making some comments about Wal-Mart’s practice of asking to see your receipt when leaving the store. However, I see that there have been prior threads about this topic in 2006and 2009. The 2009 thread has been closed, so obviously, resurrecting that one is not an option. But, hypothetically, what would be the accepted practice around here, for this topic or any other? Should I start a new thread, or add comments to one that has been sitting idle for a number of years? Or does it matter?

I have seen a very few threads where it made sense to resurrect. Where the subject was very specific. Say, an appeals case going to the Supreme Court. There, the existing thread is precisely-themed enough to be worth re-opening.

But as a general case…nah, open a new thread. Take it de novo.

For one thing, don’t expect us to go back and read 75 messages, many of which are from 2011.

The reason I asked is that I sometimes see comments in threads to the effect that ‘there is already a thread on this.’ I was just unsure as to where the cut-off might be for such things.

From the FAQ

If it’s a current and active thread, then, yeah, that’s a valid reminder.

But if it’s an old one…I would still say it’s better to start a new one.

(I also dislike it when people post, “We’ve already discussed this ten times.” Well, tough noogies: now it’s eleven. Yes, the horse has been beaten to death…but if it were a rule that you can’t start up a well-worn topic…what the hell would we have here to talk about?)

(And I’ll bet a pickle that all of this has been said before!)

I’ve heard it recommended to start a new one rather than zombify an old one, but if the old one is relevant or you want to reiterate/address something said in the old one, just link it in your OP. This also eliminates the whole “we’ve discussed this a zillion times before” by acknowledging you’ve seen that but have more to say in current context.

why not just do like game faqs does and say if no one puts anything in a thread it just locks after a few days

Because it doesn’t.

Because it’s not that kind of forum. We’ve had people post new and relevant information to a thread after it had been dormant for more than 10 years.

Hows about this current thread?

CMC fnord!

What about it?

Seems like exactly the kind of thread the OP was looking for, the more general question notwithstanding.

IOW Just attempting to be helpful.

CMC fnord!

What you can do is start a new thread and reference the old one in your OP. Then, if appropriate, a mod can merge the two threads.

My own personal opinion is that if it is a general topic then it is better to open a new thread. Some of the same ground may be covered again but those making the original point may not be around. Something like this it makes sense to bump to add an update.

Yes, it is. Thanks for the link; that thread didn’t come up when I searched the subject, for some reason.

Thanks, Colibri. I obviously somehow missed the FAQ in looking for info on this question. Someday, I’ll figure out where all the nooks and crannies are. :cool:

And now that I look at that thread, I find that, not only had I seen it before, I had even posted in it. Wow. I knew I was getting old, but this is ridiculous! :o

But then nobody would be able to make fun of zombie threads!

How about if a thread is about Haitian voodoo?

They’re behind the crooks and nannies.