What's Wrong w/Zombie Threads?

I’m still kind of new here, so, bear with me. What’s wrong with re-opening a zombie thread. If someone has just discovered it or has something new to add, what’s the diff between adding to the zombie and starting a whole new thread? If you add to the zombie, it’s more convenient to go back and see it’s progression. Just wondering… Thanks!

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From Post #4 in FAQ - Guidelines and Etiquette on the SDMB

(Perhaps this FAQ could be edited to include the words “zombie threads,” to aid searches?)

and then there is the issue of those always looking for braaaaains.

The biggest reason not to resurrect old threads is that frequently bringing a discussion back from the grave only serves to reopen old wounds. You may have noticed that the SDMB tends to be a very snarky place. We don’t always appreciate seeing our snark resurrected, staring us in the face on Monday morning ("Geeeeeez, what idiot bumped THAT thread? :mad: " )

Also, those old threads frequently contain posts by posters who are no longer with us for various reasons, and whether troll or sweetie, that also sometimes brings back memories that we’d rather not have to deal with. I know I find it sad-making when I open the last page of a zombie thread to find out who the hell bumped it, and see all the “Guests” who used to be stalwart Dopers.

And finally, not everybody looks at the date of the OP, especially in Pit threads–posters tend to just jump right in with, “Oh, yeah, motherfucker??” as if the OP were current, when in fact the original poster may have been gone from the boards for years, but thanks to the Zombie Bumper, seem to be currently active. This is confusing, and stupid. Why flame someone who’s been gone since 2005?

Really, just start a new thread and include a link to the old one.

Basically, what I said before as quoted before. And, thanks, Thudlow, I have added the term “zombie thread” as you suggested.

Hazle, in the list of sins and malfeasances, reviving an old thread (“zombie-ism”) isn’t high on the list. In some situations, as you suggest, it’s perfectly fine. It’s almost NEVER OK in the BBQ Pit, for instance, since it’s usually just picking at old scabs.

  1. MondoPoster: Does anyone out there know a good Flemish restaurant in Ontario?
    . (four pages later):

  2. ZombieAwakener: I love good Flemish food! Did you know that the restaurant mentioned on page 3 has reopened recently with a new chef?

  3. Clyde Cladiddlehopper: Hi, MondoPoster, haven’t seen you around for awhile, when are you coming to Ontario? I spend a few minutes on ZagatOntario and read the menus of the good restaurants with Flemish cooking, and I’m summarizing their offerings below. I’ve provided pricing and some comments about the service and ambience. Hope this helps.

  4. Joe Blow: Yo, Clyde, sorry you wasted all that time compiling that info, but did you notice that the OP is, like, 5 years old? Presumably MondoPoster came to Ontario a long long time ago or cancelled the trip; either way the info may not be of much use now.

  5. Sue From Toronto: I take serious issue with BannedPoster’s assertions on the bottom of page 2 about Ontario being the only sophisticated eating to be found in eastern Canada! WTF are you talking about?! Toronto has some great restaurants! Here are some cites from restaurant reviewers…

  6. Society Maven: I’ve been crying nonstop for 20 minutes, it hurts so much to see MondoPoster’s name as the author of a new thread, when in reality MondoPoster got hit by a car in '05. I really miss his posts.
    get the idea?

Or umm, what they already said above.

Thanks, everyone! Got it!

Dex, is there any problem with the thread I’ve just bumped over in MPSIMS, which is just coming up on its first birthday? (Thank you, Canada )

mangeorge started it last September in relation to the Maher Arar affair, and I’ve been updating it from time to time when there are new developments in the news here in Canada. mangeorge has said that he appreciates it, since there isn’t much coverage of the issue in the U.S. Having a single thread outlining the events seems helpful to me. However, I agree there’s no point in bringing back some of the debates we’ve had on the issue - where appropriate, I’ve put in a link to old debate threads on the Arar matter.

Hope this is okay?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with Zombie threads!

Two nights in a thread I was reading a guest was complimented on the style and content of their posts and replied that they would not be hanging around as they couldn’t afford the fee. I was in a good mood and fired them off an email saying I’d happily pay for them for a year and I followed Tuba’s instructions on how to do so shortly after.

I then discover the thread has been locked and when I check out why, it’s because it’s two years old. I’ve just paid for a years subscription for a dude who’s not been online in two years!

That’s why Zombie threads need a metaphorical shotgun round to the head!