What's doin' in Paris at Christmastime?

Cuz I’m going! - my first time…

I arrive on Christmas Day - will everything be closed, i.e. retaurants, bars, theater, etc?

Does it get as cold as NYC?

I will be staying at the Hotel St James et Albany - is this a fun part of town? Anyone ever stay there before?



Rue De Rivoli will put you pretty much in the heart of things. You probably won’t see much activity at Christmas, since France observes the holiday like much of the western world. Paris can be pretty cold, wet and windy in winter, but perhaps you’ll get lucky.

The city sprays the trees white along the Champs Elysee and covers them with tiny white lights, which is pretty.

Sounds groovy - thanks Chefguy!

Expect cold and rainy. But it’s not gonna kill ya.

There’s vendors selling warm chestnuts every few blocks. They’re good.

I’m no expert, but I would go to a good bistro and stoke up on good sturdy warming cassoulet. I read that the restaurant Le Thoumieux, in the 7th arrondissement, makes the best in Paris. That’ll keep ya fueled up and warmed against the French winter.

Yummy. Cassoulet. I am gonna love this!