What's Eating My Roses and What's the Best Way To Kill It?

Some sort of insect is having a banquet of my roses. The leaves look like Swiss cheese, and it hasn’t bloomed yet, probably because of the damage.

I put down slug bait because I know we’ve had trouble with them in the past, and I put down an ant killer which claimed to kill “most” insects. I have inspected the plant, and I don’t see any evidence of aphids or other parasites.

What do ya’ll recommend?

You might want something like this.

It’s likely a little green worm at this time of the year, that can be .125 to 2 inches big. They do a lot of damage for ther size, and blend in with the leaves. Look for a leaf or edge of a leave to be curled over, or have white threads of webbing. Shake the bush and watch what drops.

I like that product, especially for the all-natural aspects. (Had guilt about putting down the ant killer because I pictured some poor birdie eating that ant and then dying, leaving a nest full of little starving chicks.) The slug killer was supposedly all natural, too. (Some sort of phospohorus which makes them stop eating, but doesn’t poison other wildlife.)

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look for it.

Agent Orange? Dow might have a barrel or twenty just lying around.

Kind of sounds like cutter bees . They start eating at the edge of the leaves leaving circular cutouts . I use a general purpose insect killer/ anti fungal spray – it seems to work okay but smells like a chemical factory. It really takes away from the smell of the roses . Good luck.