What's fas.org's rep?

What’s the reputation of Federation of American Scientists?

Are they seen as reliable/ credible?
Are they thought of as conservative, ( paleo or neo), or liberal?

Their information on weapons systems is certainly credible, as they use reliable cites such as Janes.

As far as politics, I believe they are anti defense spending liberals, although I could be wrong.

Their information on military hardware appears to be of very high quality.

I personally have a passing degree of familiarity with Los Angeles-class attack submarines. Their info on this class is as good as I’ve ever seen in the public domain.

Their political leanings (as begun by founder John Pike, who now runs www.globalsecurity.org) are to the left, but not hugely so as I gather it.

They are anti-government secrecy, anti-nuclear weapons, anti-missile defense, etc.

The facts they publish would be credible.

FAS does have a liberal agenda, but their military analysis section is absolutely superb, and essentially free from bias so far as I can determine.

I am not a Liberal, but I find their information without bias. I sniff news and info sites for ANY bias, so I know how to swallow what I read.

thanX for your input.
to me, they seem to know what they are talking about/ all of their cites seem legit.

I was wondering what the level of flak I would take for citing from them would be and where it would come from.

5 out 5 dopers find this site to be generally credible!

Any one else care to share info as to how FAS is perceived?

This is a matter of opinion, so I’ll move this thread to IMHO.

I’m not sure where or how you intend to cite FAS, but I think it’s safe to say you won’t take much flak for citing facts from FAS.org in GQ. I have done so myself many times.

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Anyone else want to tell me about FAS today?