What's for Christmas Dinner?

What are you making for Christmas Dinner? For those who don’t celebrate, what’ll you do for dinner on the 25th?

I like to use the crockpot for the main dish so I don’t have to do a bunch of cooking. We are going to have porkloin, asparagus, mashed potatoes, rolls, salad and some kind of apple crumble-type dish for dessert.

Roast beef (rib roast or prime rib, depending on where I get the meat), Yorkshire pudding, boiled red potatoes, Brussels sprouts, a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (probably Clos du Bois, since I like it), beer, and a pot of glögi. Maybe we’ll have dessert.

Turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls & gravy. Yeah, we just had it a month ago, but it’s my favorite meal that I can still eat.

Tortiere - French Canadian pork and beef pies, made with plenty of spices. Yum!

Going over to friends’ house, so I’ll have whatever they cook. :slight_smile:

I’ll be bringing a few nice, local cabs.

Ahh, thanks for mentioning that, Athena. I was trying to come up with a good idea, and that’ll hit the spot. Time to pull out the recipe written down by my father’s mother, who died in 1939!

Nice! If you have a chance, could you post it? I kinda collect tortiere recipes. Everyone makes 'em differently.

Ribeye Roast, now sitting in the freezer. Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner is turkey, but this year we are having it on the 23rd because kid and husband are having dinner at his mom’s.

We subsist on leftovers for days afterwards. Yumm.

We’ll be having the usual: seafood entrées, then ham, turkey, salads etc. We always have a cold lunch. It’s usually too warm to have a hot meal. Except for the Christmas pudding. That’s always served warm.

Roast turkey, stuffing, any kind of vegetables we feel like doing (roast potatoes, parsnips, brussels sprouts, carrots, swede, etc…), choice of Christmas pudding or trifle to follow. All else is heresy.

We’re going to my in-laws’ place and I have no idea what she has planned. In the past, it’s been ribs (not very good - she boils the life out of them first…) but we will see on the 25th.

A truly delicious home-made tomato soup made by my Dad, Bosnian bread and shrimp fixed few different ways…lots of wine.

Yum, indeed! Do you make your own? Because I always buy one from one of the local bakeries (big French-Canadian heritage in this town), to have on hand for lunches or munching during the holidays. I suck at pies of all type, and Memere at L’Heureux bake shop doesn’t. :smiley:

On our Christmas Day menu is an Italian feast–stuffed shells, spaghetti carbonara, garlic bread, roasted asparagus, a big salad, and perhaps a homemade minestrone, if I feel like taking on that much work. Our daughter will bring dessert–could be just about anything.

We’re not French-Canadian, nor Italian, nor even Christian, for that matter! Yet we celebrate, adhere to tradition, and EAT EAT EAT!

Yup. Made a pile of them already, they’re in the freezer, waiting for Christmas day. That’s the other wonderful thing about them - they freeze well. No cooking to do on the day itself except to pop them in the oven.

Although we’ve been talking about it for several years, this year, we’re actually having a turducken! It’s already arrived, and in the fridge, thawing. It already has traditional cornbread stuffing in it, so the stuffing/dressing is not an issue.

In addition, we’ll have cranberry sauce (from a can!), mashed potatoes, vanilla bean sweet potatoes, creamed spinach, buttered sweet corn, baby peas with mushrooms and pearl onions, crescent rolls, and for dessert, plenty of pumpkin pie with bourbon-spiked whipped cream.

With the pie, I will serve very small glasses of ice wine, which is an extremely sweet white wine. Very tasty, but so sweet you really can’t drink more than a couple of ounces at a time.

We’ll also have soft drinks, some other nice wines, filtered water, and coffee.

Usually we have Thanksgiving all over again, but this year lasagna has been requested, so that’s what I’ll do. Mixed vegetables, garlic bread, cake, pie, and ice cream.

We’re going for roast duck (according to my SO’s father’s recipe… Its in German), veggies, and marble cake for dessert. Not sure about starters yet thought, but there’s only going to be two of us, so maybe we don’t need starters (this is for Christmas Eve, which the SO has insisted we do in proper German style. We’ll spend Christmas Day at a friend’s place).

Corned beef and cabbage made from the crock pot. I’ll pre-cut the veggies the night before, add the necessary ingredients early X-mas morning and it should be good to go in time for dinner.


Like many Jews I know: Chinese take out.

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. We are hosting for the first time, and it will probably depend on what everyone feels like. Maybe lamb, maybe seafood…I honestly have no clue, and couldn’t fir the groceries in the house yet anyway if we’re going to have room for all the other stuff that 7 (!) people will be eating between now and Saturday. I guess we’ll go shopping on Christmas Eve and see what looks good.