What's going on in this video? (interviewer laughing)

I came across this video at YouTube, labeled The Funniest Video in the World, and I can’t figure out what’s going on.

A man is interviewing a woman who appears to be in a wheelchair, along with another man who might have an unusually high-pitched voice. The mood is somber, and the crowd is stone-faced, but the interviewer cannot stop laughing.

The problem is that it is in some language I do not understand (some Scandinavian language, maybe?)

I’ve heard it is on a show similar to SNL but in some other country.

It’s the guy’s high voice, and I kinda can’t blame the host.

He seems to be laughing at the guy’s voice, and it’s probably a performance. If it were “real,” at least a few other people would be laughing too.

According to different sites on the Net, the language in the video is Flemish. The clip is from a comedy show; the sketch is about a talk show host interviewing people who have had botched medical operations.

A translation can be found here; scroll down to about halfway.