What's good free CD ripping software nowadays?

I used to use to use DbPowerAmp, but it’s not free anymore, hasn’t been for a while now. Then I simply didn’t have need to rip CDs for years.

Now I’d like to re-rip some stuff that wasn’t ripped correctly, any recommendations?

I review 3 of the best programs for ripping CD’s here:

In short: Exact Audio Coppier, CDex, and AudioGrabber are very excellent choices.

Seconding Exact Audio Copy.

It’s certainly not the fastest, but if you want the best bit-perfect rip it can’t be beaten. Plus you can set it up to encode automatically to all sorts of all audio formats. And of course it’s free.

thanks much!

I just use Itunes.

I came in here to post that link :slight_smile: I love that site. Didn’t know you contributed to it. Neat.

Thanks, xash. I’ve been an editor for Gizmo’s Freeware for well over a year. I’m glad you enjoy it.