What's good on HBO Max?

They also carry a show named “Game of Thrones”. It’s not real well known, but it’s pretty cool. :wink:

When are they redoing GOT season 8? :slight_smile:

As soon as they hit 50 million subscribers.

Saw every season but 8, which I spoiled for myself intentionally so I wouldn’t have to watch it, since I heard how bad it was. I had been getting kind of sick of the show by the end of S.7 anyway.

Maybe I’ll watch season 8 if they remake it. I could have been the 50 millionth subscriber!

HBO Max also carries a lot of the old Cartoon Network “Adult Swim” content, if you like that kind of stuff. (Alas, not all of it - no Venture Bros.) We’ve been watching Sealab 2021 and laughing our butts off. Epic silliness in 12-minute chunks.

I do! I’ll be catching up on S.3 of ‘Rick & Morty’ for sure. I’ve seen a lot of the older stuff, but it’s nice to have it available.

I gave this show a try last night, with somewhat low expectations. It was a late-night “I’ll watch one more half hour thing before I hit the sack” situation. I ended up binging 3 in a row. I guess I do share its sense of humor! What a kooky, demented show. Kaley Cuoco is great as Harley Quinn. It sounds like she’s having a ton of fun doing the voice work.

Make that 3 seasons (18 episodes)

Cool, I just saw Ghosts on my recommended list. Will have to try that.

Another few series on HBO Max to recommend:

‘Two Weeks to Live’ is a short 6 episode, 1 season (so far anyway) Brit comedy-drama featuring Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from Game of Thrones) as a young woman raised in a cabin in the woods by her survivalist mother. She runs away to find out more about civilization and gets involved with bad guys. Ultra-violence and dark humor ensues.

‘Wellington Paranormal’ is a New Zealand parody of shows like ‘The X Files’ (down to the theme music) and the reality show ‘Cops’. Several bumbling cops in the town of Wellington NZ encounter monsters of the week and hilarity ensues. My wife thinks it’s stupid but I find it hilarious. Also a short one-season show so far (new episodes are still being released weekly).

‘The White Lotus’ is an awkward comedy-drama about a fancy Hawaiian resort, the rich but messed-up people who stay there, and the class conflict between the rich privileged guests and the working class staff. Another short-run series-- 6 episodes, the last ep to be released this Sunday.

3rd season just started in Britain, but there is a 13th episode already available on HBOMax, a Christmas one. It was pretty solid.

All 6 episodes of season 3 are available now.


I literally just checked HBOMax before replying and season 3 wasn’t listed.

I just checked again, only Seasons 1 & 2 for 13 episodes.

I enjoyed Primal. It’s an animated show about a Caveman and a Dinosaur (it makes no scientific sense). It is violent and brutal but doesn’t feel gratuitous or nihilistic.

I have been rewatching Head of the Class for the first time probably since it aired in the 80s and it surprisingly holds up. I remember the quality dropped in later seasons but I am not there yet.

My wife and I watched the first two seasons of ‘Ghosts’ and enjoyed it very much. Very clever humor; I’ve always enjoyed Brit wit. Looking forward to the third season, which as of last check hadn’t appeared on HBO Max yet.

The ‘Rashomon’-style story of the ghost poet Thomas Thorne’s death was well-done and surprisingly poignant.

I think my favorite character is the Neanderthal, Robin. Instead of going with a ‘dumb caveman’ stereotype the writers made him unexpectedly clever and funny. I wonder if they’re going to have a death story for him in season 3. I’m guessing a mammoth-hunting mishap (dying mammoth falls on him?).

I’ll give another shoutout to White Lotus. I kept bypassing it because I thought it was going to be sort of a reality show or something. I’m so glad I gave it a chance. I’ve only seen two eps and am really enjoying it. I wish I’d checked this thread and seen Darren_ Garrison’s description but alas, I didn’t have HBO Max until just recently.

Huh? I went back through this thread to see what Darren_Garrison had to say about ‘White Lotus’, but all I can find is his mentions of ‘Ghosts’. Did he maybe discuss White Lotus in another thread?

Anyway, yeah, White Lotus was good. Was a little disappointed with the ending:

Seeing the newlywed get back together with her asshole husband at the end was almost as sad a fate for her as if she had been the body in the coffin-- maybe more so…

The Deuce was outstanding. About Times Square/the NYC porn/sex industry scene during the 70s and 80s. Not at all for the squeamish. Put the kids to bed.

Mare of Easttown was good. A little slow, but it never hit the point where I gave up on it, and I’ve got a very itchy trigger finger for TV shows.

Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams. Also a very slow burner. I almost quit on it a few times but it ended up being worthwhile.

Hmm…I read the book; maybe I should give this one a try next.

Bored to Death: half-hour comedy starring Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson. Schwartzman’s character is a writer, moonlighting as a private detective, and ends up in a lot of really fucked up situations. If you generally don’t find Jason Schwartzman to be funny, this probably won’t change your mind, but I thought it was funny.

My wife and I watched this awhile ago on some other streaming service (Amazon Prime?). I liked this one too-- some funny dark humor.

Another half hour comedy on HBO Max I recommend-- The Other Two. A 13 year old becomes a teen heartthrob after a music video he made goes viral. The title refers two his two older siblings who are struggling to figure their lives out in their 20s. Molly Shannon plays their mother.

My wife and I really enjoyed Hacks, about an aging female Vegas comedy legend, who still sells out her show every night but has very much fallen into a rut; and a female twentysomething comedy writer who has gotten semi-cancelled due to some tasteless tweets, so has to go get a job writing jokes for the former.

Both the leads are outstanding, and their relationship is great. The one complaint I have is that some of the surrounding/supporting characters aren’t as funny and compelling as the show seems to think they are, but still definitely enjoyable overall.

Speaking of The Other Two, the first season originally aired on some other network a couple of years back. The second season was greatly delayed due to COVID, and is now airing directly on HBO (Max?), starting, I believe, tonight.