What's good on HBO Max?

My wife and I watched and liked Hacks too (yes, we’ve been watching a lot of TV lately).

I meant to mention that in my post, thanks!

Final Space is another great animated series. (2 seasons so far)

100 Foot Wave I’m not a surfer, but I found the story of Garrett McNamara and the community that sprung up to surf the giant waves at Nazaré to be quite interesting. The cinematography is spectacular.

Apologies; I should have given that credit to you. Anyway, I’m glad I took the recommendation.

Oh ok, I see what happened-- it was a post of mine, where I had quoted Darren_Garrison. Well, I’m glad my recommendation worked out for you!

This is a “background show” for me, i.e. I put it on and then do something else. It’s very interesting when it’s about the waves and actual surfing, but the series is way too far up Garrett McNamara’s butt for me. There are long segments of just him talking about nothing and I don’t give a fuck.

Mrs Wheelz and I watched this during its original HBO run. It worked quite well on a one-hour-a-week basis - I’d take in each episode and then kind of let it simmer in my brain for a while. It got under my skin little by little. I’m interested to hear an opinion from someone who binged this show in a short time frame.

BTW, Ghosts is getting a US remake:

Another vote for Mare Of Eastown. A few quibbles that I am not remembering at the moment but quite good. Not so many episodes that you are making a big commitment but well worth checking out.

Actually, three seasons have aired in NZ.

There is also an earlier 6-episode Australian show called The Strange Calls that I recently discovered. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some of the inspiration for Wellington Paranormal.

(Looks like that might be available in the US on Acorn TV?)

Oh cool! I watched season one when it was on TV, I believe it was on Comedy Central, and I had no idea they were even doing season two or that it was on HBO Max! Thanks for the heads up, I will add that to my watchlist.

I just started watching Ghosts after hearing it recommended here. And earlier, I saw the first two episodes of the second season of The Other Two.

Season 3 of Ghosts just arrived on HBOMax.

Also the new American version will be on CBS in early October. Rose McIver of iZombie fame is starring.

Ooh, good news! Thanks for the heads-up.