Is The Flight Attendant worth a subscription to HBOMax?

I watched the free 1st episode, thinking it would be easy then to decide if I wanted to spend $14.95 for one month of HBOMax to bingewatch the whole first season, then cancel my subscription. It looks like there will be a second season, but it also looks like HBOMax doesn’t do anything despicable like forbid you from re-subscribing for 12 months one you cancel.

But I couldn’t decide. It was interesting, but not so enthralling that I thought “I MUST have more!”

On the other hand, if I get HBOMax, I surely will watch other stuff for the rest of the month, and it’s going to be a very cold February in the middle of a pandemic where I’m not a vaccination priority. I checked the website, and I could pretty well park myself in front of HBOMax a couple of hours a day. They have several TV series that I would have to buy separately if I wanted to see, but I don’t really want to own-- watching once would be nice, though.

So those of you who have seen The Flight Attendant, does it get better, worse, or stay pretty much the same?

I am neither a huge fan of Kaley Cuoco, nor do I find her annoying. She usually made me laugh on TBBT. I guess if pressed, I’d say I like her, but not enough that I want to watch her, proverbially, “read the phone book.” I’m quite happy to watch her in a good show, even a modestly good one, but I don’t like her enough to sit through a mediocre show just to see her.

So what do people advise?

It’s a fun show. It gets better and crazier.

However, I also consider HBOMax my #1 favorite streaming service these days, so I’d say there is a ton to watch on it (and not merely the HBO back lineup).

I haven’t watched Flight Attendant yet, but HBO Max has a lot of good content. You’ll have access to virtually everything HBO has made over the years and a ton of other stuff.
Search Party is there. I’ve only watched the first and maybe part of the second season, but it’s good. You can also find Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Rick and Morty etc
Also, I don’t know if this is a regular thing, but that have a bunch of ‘sections’ for lack of a better word, one of them being TCM. So you can get all the old movies that you really can’t find anywhere else unless you happen to catch them on Live TV. I’m not sure how I feel about Waiting For Guffman being on the TCM section, but whatever.
Now, if I could find Suddenly, Last Summer, I’d be thrilled. I haven’t found it on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon (for free, anyway), HBO or regular TV. A few years ago I caught the second half of it* and would really like to see the first half as well.

Anyway…can you access their catalog without being a member? It might be worth poking around to see if they have enough shows/movies to be worthwhile to you.

*I turned it right as Liz Taylor started into a long monologue. Nobody can deliver those quite like her.

I enjoyed it well enough. Not something I would insist other must watch.

I’m not really sure it gets better. Pretty much stays the same. Crazier, maybe.

My vote would be… certainly not worth getting HBO Max strictly for Flight Attendant. But as you said, plenty of other stuff to watch as well.

I haven’t watched it, but I wholeheartedly agree with the second point. There is a ton of quality content on HBO Max. I’m dropping services I rarely watch, and HBO Max is in no danger.

Have you watched Game of Thrones? That would be my #1 recommendation for subscribing to HBO Max.

The Sopranos, West Wing, and Six Feet Under would also be high on my list of recommendations.

HBO max is included with my ATT plan. I love it! Studio Ghibli, TCM, reruns of original HBO shows, new shows. So many programs so little time. I’m doing a deep dive into the b&w classics rn, and rewatching Gentleman Jack, and picking and choosing the best episodes imo from GOT, SATC, Sopranos.

Yes Flight Attendant is good, not sure where S2 will lead us but it’ll be there.

Netflix is still keeping my attention but it’s been neglected in favor of HBO max.

I doubt I’ll watch Game of Thrones; it sounds really unappealing to me, and definitely won’t watch The Sopranos, because I HATE mob stuff. It makes me angry. I don’t even watch the mob episodes of Law & Order.

I love TCM, though. Absolutely love old movies-- the older the better. My favorite actresses are Lillian Gish and Irene Dunne.

And I’m sure there’s been something on HBO at some point I’d watch.

Thanks for all the advice.

If you are jonesing for the next season of The Great British Bake Off then The Great Pottery Throwdown is your methadone. In addition to the great TCM library on HBOMax, they also have the best documentaries of any streaming service. The current Lady and the Dale is fascinating.

HBO Max is also going to have all of the newly released Warner Brothers films this year, which might make it worth it to you.

I enjoyed the Flight Attendant. Kaley Cuoco is a better actress than she gets credit for. The plot was enjoyable despite a bit too much fantasy with her continued interaction with a murder victim but it made for some popcorn-worthy watching.

I don’t watch HBOMax a ton, I do enjoy the old WB cartoons. I prefer the offerings of BritBox but since it comes free with my Uverse then I watch a little.

Interesting. Haven’t checked it out (not a huge fan of Kaley Cuoco), but I might give it a shot.

Other than the “famous” HBO shows (many of which I’ve watched), and movies, any other suggestions?

What about not so famous? :wink:

They have a good number of DC comic shows - Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn. They had Love Life with Anna Kendrick which was decent. Raised by Wolves I found interesting (though some got annoyed - depends on how you feel about Ridley Scott and his more recent work I guess).

They just got Pushing Daisies, so I’m doing a rewatch (and introducing my wife to it - who does not love the show as much as I do).