What's Google Wallet?

My daughter wants to watch “The Interview.” Apparently we can do this on YouTube using Google Wallet.

I’m not sure I want to do this.


It’s basically Google’s version of PayPal. You give them your credit card info and they charge it for you. It’s supposed to be more secure with smaller merchants (rather than giving your actual number to a bunch of merchants). But with YouTube, they’re just forcing you to use their system in the hopes that you’ll keep using it later.

I use it for YouTube and Google All Access, and it’s fine.

Yeah, if you have a Google account, you have Wallet if a credit card is attached to it. Since I pay for Drive storage via CC, all I had to do when I pulled The Interview up for rental on YouTube was click “Buy” (and be signed in) when the popup window asked for my okay.

What is kind of annoying is Google had a service called Google Checkout before, it was basically their version of Paypal. I used it and was very satisfied with it, Google even backed me up and reimbursed me when a customer did a charge back months later after receiving their order and sent a rambling email about getting a divorce and being homeless and don’t worry they will pay me again when they have the money.

Then they announced Checkout was being closed in a short period and it was hard to find new options for customers who were using it.

Then they decided they want to get back into the Paypal business with Wallet even offering a debit card to access your funds.

But to the OP I wouldn’t worry if your concern is it being shady or a scam etc.