Whats happened to all the actors in 'The Goonies?'

Whats happened to all those actors which entertained me on the plane back from Australia last week?

Try this:

Last week?! The Goonies I fondly remember was released in 1985.
At any rate, here’s the obligatory imdb link.

Damn you, Jonathan Chance. :smiley:

Rumour has it, there’s going to be a seuqle reuniting the cast…

Anyhoo, off the top of my head:

Sean Astin –
Was Samwise in LOTR (he put on weight for the film and s having a tough time getting rid of it). Before that he starred in Rudy and IIRC Memphis Belle, Courage Under Fire and a couple movies with Brendan Fraser.

Josh Brolin (the big brother) –
I only remember him in Hollow Man but his done other things. Currently, he’s best known for almost getting married to Minnie Driver (they called it off).

Corey Feldman (Mouth) –
Has fairly successfully completed rehab and now fronts a band that is doing modestly well. He has distanced himself from Lost Boys co-star Corey Haim. He’s done a bunch of smaller movies, was the voice of one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and was on the short-lived sitcom “Dweebs.”

Martha Plimpton (the girl with glasses that argued with Mouth all the time) –
Dated River Phoenix for quite a long time, and has had supporting roles in several indie films such as I Shot Andy Warhol. Most recently I remember she was in 200 Cigarettes and Pecker but I assume she’s done more since then.

“Chunk” – no idea check IMDB

Kerri Green –
She was Charlie Sheen’s love interest in Lucas year after Goonies came out. I don’t think she’s done a lot on film or TV – mostly littel guest starring stuff on shows like “ER” and “Murder She Wrote.”

Short Round (okay, not his name, but I only remember him from the Indiana Jones movie) – no clue, that’s another IMDB lookup.

Wanna see the whole cast all grown up? You know they’re in talks for Goonies 2???

Josh Brolin is also better known as Barbra Streisand’s stepson. He’s sublime in Flirting with Disaster.

Corey Feldman also appears in Moby’s “We Are All Made of Stars” video, in the illustrious cameo company of Tommy Lee, Angelyne, Toxie, Todd Bridges and Gary Coleman. I was disturbed not only by the fact that I recognized him immediately, but also that he is featured provocatively licking a cell phone in a manner that I found slightly arousing. In addition to distancing himself from Corey Haim, Feldman has also distanced himself from Michael Jackson, his one-time idol and friend. Supposedly Jackson refused to give Feldman a ride or something after September 11th, when they were both in NY after Jackson’s concert.

Martha Plimpton was in the Steve Martin movie Parenthood in 1989.

John Matsuszak (sp?) died of a heart attack–before 40!

And who’da thought that the dulcet tones of Anne Ramsey would be silenced by throat cancer?

Trivia: Anne Ramsey was married to veteran bit character actor Logan Ramsey, son of Lt. Commander Logan Ramsey, who has an interesting footnote in history.

Won’t spoil it. Look it up for yourself.

My little brother’s band recently opened a couple of shows for Cyndi Lauper. They have always included “(Goonies Are) Good Enough” in their show, and she invited them to come out and do it for her encore. That was probably one of the best times I’ve ever had at a show.

She did mention to them that she had heard rumors about a Goonies 2 and soundtrack possibilites. (I’m thinking she said a lot more, but I don’t want to be quoted saying that.)

Three more and I’ll have them all locked in my basement.

Chunk looks great! But sean astin has let himself go, the girl in the glasses has improved alot, another question, what does mouth say to ma fratelli in italian because all I can get is the last part of the sentence ‘a 19…81!’ and then ma fratelli says ‘we only sell tongue’ Anyone who knows I owe a great debt. Thanx!

That picture of the Goonies today must have been from when they were filming the commentary for the DVD.
The DVD is great. It has an audio/visual commentary that goes back and forth between the movie and the Goonies and Donner sitting together commenting. The Cindy Lauper video is on it too, as well as some outtakes and a short behind the scenes featurette.


Let my Feldman go!

Chunk has recently appeared in a Slim Jim commercial with “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Still looks to be under 14 years old.

Rent the DVD, in which they hint at a sequel.

A friend of mine when to college with Chunk. He DOES look good!

Really good.

Joe Pantoliano has done well for himself, after his turn as a Fratelli boy. “The Matrix,” to mention nothing else.

Oh, you meant The Goonies from “The Goonies.”

This could be because much of the cast for LOTR have had to do “pick-up” shoots for Two Towers this year, and will likely have to do some more next year before Return of the King comes out.