What's happened to me?I've been disabled

When I go to post a reply,I get ‘You do not have permission to post.The administrator has disabled you from the list of members’.

If it’s what I said about the hamsters getting boozed up,I recant :rolleyes:

What were you trying to reply to? Weird things can happen if you try to respond to a post that the mods have wished into the cornfield during the time you were typing.

Secret Santa thread. Odd. It’s still alive and kicking and unlocked

Everything looks fine. You’re not disabled from posting . . . obviously, because you can post. Just checked your settings, too.

There has been quite a bit of system strangeness lately. Please try your post again and let me know if you continue to have difficulties.

Strange. I’ll add this to the list of stuff the techs need to know about, but since it IS the cusp of a holiday weekend . . . well, I dunno WHAT to tell you.

your humble TubaDiva

Posting fine now.
I think the hamsters have been at the brandy butter again :cool:

It’s those brandy-soaked sunflower seeds, again. It happens every December.