What's in the vault, who is company "sealed"?

So two the current mysteries of the Mueller investigation in Russian interference (and the related investigations) are:

A - Who is the mystery company that is fighting a subpoena from (possibly) Mueller in the “Sealed vs Sealed” case ?

B - What is the in the sealed documents related to the Cohen case that are a vault in Manhattan?

What is the SD take on these mysteries? My take is A: Deutshe Bank and B: The Pee Pee tape*

    • Joking, but in the legal parlance could a “document” be something other than a piece of paper?

Media reports (including the one you link to) suggest that the mystery company is not just a foreign company, but a company owned by a foreign state. If correct, that rules out Deutsche Bank.

And, no, a document doesn’t have to be paper. Any record of evidence or information, anything which serves to document a fact or an event, can be a document.

Small bump as another theory appeared on my feed.

The theory is the sealed company is Alfa Bank, and the subpoena concerns the unexplained DNS activity between the bank and a server run by the Trump campaign.

But I don’t see anything saying Alfa Bank is state owned. Its a privately run Russian bank as far as I can work out (i know there is far less distinction between private and public run institutions in Putin’s Russian, but that doesn’t make a private company a state owned one AFAIK)

Slight correction, the server was owned by the Trump Organization and was set up in 2009.

If I were a betting man, I would put money on a company in the MidEast. Qatar would be my favorite.