What's in your raised beds?

I’m building new raised beds, now I just have to decide what to put in them! Buying from a local soil and compost company, not bags of plastic and manmade chemicals from Home Depot. I don’t have enough finished compost to put int he beds, but I’ll do a topdressing/mulch after I plant.

Any suggestions? What do you have in your beds?

Are you asking what plants or what soil is in my beds?

If you want to know about soil, I purchased a dump truck full of topsoil from a local landscape company. They were able to back over the beds to dump and I was able to spread it out manually.

If you want to know about plants, I combine flowers (both annuals and perennials) mixed in with my crop vegetables. I only have iris and hostas now because I sacrificed my entire garden to eradicate Canadian thistle. Unfortunately, it didn’t completely get rid of them. I usually border the beds with low growing easy annuals (marigolds, petunias, etc) then plant crop plants like tomatoes, beans, radishes, lettuce, in the middle. I try to plant spreading plants like wave petunias near my early-harvest crops (onions, radishes, lettuce) so that when they are picked, the area fills in with flowers.

At the moment? Snow and ice, mainly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I only have one small (4’x8’) raised bed, so I couldn’t order from a soil company. I bought a bunch of bags of topsoil and a couple of compost/manure from Home Depot. That turned out to be a mistake - the topsoil was awful, full of small stones and sticks. The compost and/or manure (I forget exactly what I bought) was fine, though, and my plants grew well last year. I had it crowded with a bunch of veggies and herbs, but this year I’ve reduced the number of plants I’m planning to grow so that they get more room. The raised bed is getting checks notes basil (Italian and Thai), radishes, peas, tomatoes, and a butternut squash plant.

In my smaller bed, I have peat moss, vermiculite, compost and topsoil I purchased from Lowes. The smaller boutique garden stores are a total ripoff, in my opinion. It’s dirt.

Heirloom radishes, beets, carrots, spinach, lettuce, onions and peas are growing great right now. This early spring has been awesome.

I can’t be the only person who thought the OP meant they were building raised beds (that you sleep on) and couldn’t decide what to keep underneath/inside of them.

Front beds: rosemary bushes, lavender bushes, natural grasses, crocuses

Back beds: vegetables, herbs and (right now) ground cover that provides nutrients over the winter.

Small, triangular beds against the fence: morning glories