What's in your tank?

Gasoline, diesel, a tiger? Maybe this is why NJ is full-service only. :smack:

Hey Mr. Secret Service spokesman, why don’t you ask CNN, they seem to know in the first sentence, two paragraphs above your quote. :smack:
In the US, I know that diesel nozzles are larger than gasoline ones so that you can’t put diesel into a gasoline engined car but you could put gasoline into a diesel-engined one. Is that also true in Israel?

Don’t know about Israel, but it’s the same here (the UK). If you have a vehicle with a diesel engine you can purchase special caps to prevent misfueling: http://www.petrol-in-diesel.com/solo-diesel.php

Given the people that the Secret Service hires, I am not surprised.

He didn’t pass the smell test.

Top Gear once exhibited a device to affix to the inside of the fuel door, and when light hit it (such as upon opening the tank in preparation to gas up), it emitted a siren noise and said “THIS CAR USES DIESEL FUEL” or something like that.

Or at least it did for the first 20 seconds until Jeremy got annoyed and hit it with a hammer. Then it went BZZZZKKKKKKK.

Henry Jones Sr.

Why am I tanked? Why the hell not?