What's in your TiVo graveyard?

I was perusing my Season Passes and discovered a few dearly departed shows.

Carnivale is the most prominent. I feel like leaving it there, just in case.

Dead Like Me

Spaced - this was showing on Trio, which DirecTV dropped

Then there’s the cryogenic storage:


Huff (Is it coming back, BTW?)

What detritus have you got floating around in your DVR?

I don’t have much in my DVR. Since we only use it for HD stuff, it will only store about twelve hours of programming.

But there is a movie called Robot Jox that I recorded several months ago, and my hubby and I never seem to get around to watching it. It’s a fun little B movie that we’ve seen before, and I am starting to think that it isn’t going to be a fun little B movie that we see again.

I’ve still got MST3K season passed (SciFi will show it again, right?).

Yes. Next Sunday, A.D.

I clean mine out at tne end of every TV season, so there’s nothing there right now except EYES, the ABC show about Tim Daly as a private eye. There are a half-dozen or so unaired episodes which ABC has promised it will air at some point. I kinda doubt it’ll ever happen, but the Season Pass is there to catch them if it ever does.


We have the Christmas special of Mythbusters still recorded on our TiVo. It aired the day after we got the TiVo (Christmas).

I have the entire last season of Samurai Jack tucked away. I keep meaning to archive the episodes to tape to clear up the space, but I always seem to wind up just watching them, instead.

Samauri Jack’s latest season will be coming to DVD sooner than you expect…those Sealab DVD’s keep sneaking up on me

anyway, in my Tivo graveyard:
Boston Public (pity that show never got a proper final episode)
Last Comic Standing (an even BIGGER pity that show didn’t get a season 3 finale, considering it was a COMPETITION show!)
Father of the Pride (one of those shows that if you actually WATCHED, you’d realize was actually funny)
LAX – this show keeps popping up on my harddrive, usually on Saturday nights. Make up your MIND, NBC! Is it cancelled or not?

and on hiatus:
30 Days

I don’t have a Tivo proper, but rather an HP Media Center PC… but I figure it’s the same difference.

I have the entire season of “24” and my roommmate religiously records episodes of “Reno 911”.

upon re-reading this thread, I think I misunderstood the OP. The stuff on my harddrive has all aired within the last month or so. I like to keep my tivo clean. The above list is of shows that are still season-passed which aren’t going to be recording anything for a long, long time…which IMO makes a more interesting thread anyway

At the bottom of your TiVo’s To-Do list, there will be a list of your Season Passes with no shows scheduled in the coming two weeks. Mine are:

TLC’s Town Haul – indefinite future.
ABC’s SuperNanny – hiatus for the summer.
PBS’ History Detectives and Nova – PBS has some weird schedules, so I don’t know when they’re returning.
TLC’s Sports Kids Moms and Dads – over and done with.
FX’s 30 Days – indefinite future.
A&E’s Airline UK – special run of Airline set in the UK.

Of these, I only miss Nova and History Detectives.

Hmmm time to purge my old seasons passes…

Battle Bots
The Osbournes
Crank Yankers
Jamie Kennedy

I had a season pass for the syndicated episodes of “Ed” on TBS, but their contract on the show ran out, so I only got about half of them burned on dvd. Now I have to wait until the current owner of the rights decides to start airing it.

I still have one for the Pee-Wee Herman game show, “You Don’t Know Jack”…

Crime and Punishment - the real life Law and Order spin-off set in San Diego

Square Pegs - ran on HDNet (I’ve got a Moxi HD recorder, not Tivo, sorry)

Carnivale - obviously!

Double Agents - although that’s being reshown sporadically

Night Gallery - reruns ran on one of the movie channels six months ago

(this list brings back such memories!)

Mrs. nrd. is a Season Pass junky, has a poor track record when it comes to picking shows, and neither one of us cares to clean out the season pass list so we have things like:

Angel (First run only)
Buffy (FRO)
Tru Calling (FRO)
The one with Tiffini Theissen and the white guy and the black guy and they were all double secret undercover cops.
The one where the American guy ended up as a cop in London for reasons I’m not clear on.
The Wire (we dumped HBO a year ago)
And on and on and on . . .

Well, there isn’t much lurking in my Season Passes that isn’t currently playing somewhere–even Gargoyles has returned, although that pass gathered dust for a long while.

Brimstone, I think, is pretty much dead, but I leave it on there on the chance of catching someone showing a marathon or something. Samurai Jack is in there, too. No episodes of Jackie Chan Adventures have been recorded lately, though the machine hasn’t stopped trying–the show is airing, but every time TiVo tries to change channels to catch it, it lands on Cartoon Network. I don’t think I even get the channel that is actually showing it. I think that’s about it.

Touching Evil - really great cast and atmosphere

Karen Sisco - another tragic loss, great show

John Doe - got kinda lame towards the end

Jake 2.0 - watched every episode aired, ok

I keep my Season Pass list pretty clean, but I have

at the top of the list for sentimental reasons.

I apologize to non-TiVo folks - I meant of course any DVR type thingie.

Cliffy, that’s good to know about Eyes - I believe that was one I deleted from my SPs, so I’ll have to wishlist it.

And Balance, I too have Brimstone wishlisted, hoping to catch it somewhere, someday.

As for keeping ancient shows in the DVR memory, none lately. However, we got hooked on Buffy reruns while season 6 was showing first run, and wound up saving the last 3/4 or so of season 6 while we waited for the first 1/4 to come around in reruns on FX. It sucked to wait, but we had an absolute Buffy orgy when we got to the ones we had saved!