What's involved in buying a car in USA, then driving it to Canada?

I imagine there’s all kinds of fees and such to be paid upon crossing the border when they find out I’m a Canadian who bought a car in the States. Does anyone know how much?

I believe most of the issues will arise at the dealership where you will have to show a driver’s license, disclose a permanent address, and show proof of insurance. At this time, issues with taxes, tarrifs, and duties would arise…

  • Jinx

I’m an American 30 minutes from the Canadian border. A couple of years ago the exchange rates were pretty favorable and I looked into buying a motorcycle in Toronto and bringing down here.

Buying it would be simple, getting it registered was where I hit the red tape. I would need a letter from the manufacturer saying that that vehicle fully met all New York and Federal safety and emission laws.

Buying a British bike in Canada in export to the US was more trouble than I was willing to go through. I don’t recall what I found out about taxes and such.

A while later I was talking to a friend about all this and he said he read about brokers who do this sort of thing all the time and will help out with all the paperwork. By the time you add in all the extra fees for them the cost is almost a wash and you could just buy it in your home country anyways.

Unless it’s an odd model you can’t get in your home country or get a smoking deal on the price I wonder if it’s worth the hassle.


All you need to know about importing a vehicle to Canada. (Synopsis: likely to be annoying to aggravating to impossible, depending on the vehicle desired.)