What's making my arms raise?

This is something I’ve wanted to know for a long time, but I’ve never found an explaination of why this happens.

If you’ve never done this before, go do it now:

-Stand in a doorway with your arms at your side

-Hold out your arms so that the backs of your hands are pressing against the doorframe and your elbows are straight

-Push against frame as hard as you can (don’t hurt yourself) for about 30 seconds

-Step away from the door frame and relax your arms
What happens? Yours arms lift up, all by themselves! It’s the strangest thing. I’m sure there’s got to be a medical reason why this happens. Anybody have an explaination?

i made a thread about this a while back. let me try to find it.

It’s a bit of a basic explaination, but here

here’s my thread.

When you contract muscles, neurotransmitters are released between the nerve cells. Eventually, there are extra neurotransmitters in the synapses ( the gaps between nerve). When you relax, those neurotransmitters continue to fire the nerve and your muscles continue to contract, until they are finally depleted.

sorry, I don’t have a cite.

in the same Vein :wink: why when you touch a wall with finger tips, then rub your elbow, does the arm “shrink” ?

Somebody scored a touchdown?