What's more private - sex or email?

So, Paris Hilton got her Blackberry hacked and is pretty annoyed according to an unnamed source.

To me, this sounds totally whack. Personally, I consider sex way more private than anything I’ve ever committed to email. Wht do y’all think? If one thing had to be exposed, which would bother you more?

For me, sex is definately more private.

The email, by far. Mind you, I wouldn’t be thrilled to have the public at large watching me get it on, but it’s still relatively anonymous compared to my email.

In almost any country or state in the world, there is a pretty big penalty for invading someone’s privacy by reading their mail. In fact, over here if you steal someone’s computer, the violation of the ‘letter secrecy’ resulting from personal correspondence and letters present on the computer (direct translation of our Dutch legal term) can and often is punished a lot stronger than the theft of a computer could, by law.

Just imagine for a moment that your naked. Then imagine for a moment that everyone can read your mind. Which one would be worse?

(certainly the combination could be interesting).

If I’m naked, you can probably guess at what’s on my mind without having to be a telepath.

Sex is more private to me.

Which is precisely why I will never have sex in front of a camera. I’d like to KEEP it private. Apparently Paris’ MMV.

Here’s another question - if someone did break into your email, would you tell the whole fucking world, or would you keep the crime itself silent.

Maybe it was a truly anonymous source who gave out the information on Paris Hilton’s email crisis, more likely it was Paris Hilton looking for yet another way to keep “Paris Hilton” in the media spotlight.

I have no sympathy for her whatsoever. Unlike many actors and actresses who had to become famous (and therefore bothered and stalked by everyone) in order to make their money, Paris Hilton had the ability to do something very few people can (and one that I covet) - be fabulously “hidden away estate in the English countryside” level rich while remaining pretty much anonymous.

She could have done pretty much anything she wanted with her wealth and remained unhassled - she chose to become famous. Whatever she gets is deserved.

Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past her either. I don’t particularly like her either but I thought it was an interesting question. I guess I tend to not put a whole lot of extremely personal things in email but I figure other people do.

Waitasecond… we’re participating in a thread where Paris Hilton is being used as the metric for normalcy? :eek:

No, it’s a thread where a Paris Hilton situation is a jumping off point for a discussion/poll on privacy. Or so I hoped when I started the thread. The Paris Hilton aspect seems to be getting people off on a tangent. The quote struck me as not normal and I wanted to see if I was in the minority or not.

Sex is obviously more private - but I have to say I’d be pretty damn cheesed off if anyone had been reading my email too. Any mail for that matter

What if your e-mail is cyber sex? Then you’re doubly screwed!

Paris Hilton has a mind?

What is this ‘sex’, of which you speak? :confused:

My email is mostly just emails to my dad telling him I’m okay and lots of notifications telling me I have a reply on livejournal, DVDs coming from Netflix, or a post to a thread I’m subscribed to on here. Why would I care if someone saw that?

On the other hand, me without a shirt on? Hell no.

Well, I guess it depends on what was in those e-mails…

Imagine this:

Well… Dunno how long it would take to mend those friendships, but maybe not overnight anyway!!

I just don’t put personal stuff in email. It never occurred to me that my email would remain “private.” I always assumed that my email communications would be accessible to anyone who really wanted to read them–network administrators, employers, hackers, etc. My only “protection” is that I doubt anyone would be sufficiently interested in accessing my email. But I always figured that if a person was motivated enough, he could get into my email account. And I also always assumed that there was a chance that an email that I wrote could be forwarded or cut and pasted, and find its way into the inbox of someone who I didn’t intend to see it.

So, I find sex more private.

:eek: How did you know? Have you be reading my e-mail!!!

Email can be intercepted, retrieved from servers, inadvertently left visible on a CRT in your office while you’re out at the coffee machine, printed, copied, forwarded, etc. It’s about as private as a postcard.

Sex is just between me and my right hand.

So, guess which one’s more private?

Well, since I’m not getting any, email for me is more private. And even if I were getting some, I’d rather people know about that… then my SDMB subscribed thread emails. That’s just how I am.