What's my shampoo? (The world's least thrilling GQ ever asked)

I finally found a shampoo at the supermarket that I liked but, figuring that there would be more of it the next time I went to the store, I threw away the bottle after I finished it. Surprise surprise, it was nowhere to be found and I couldn’t remember the brand name. The thing I bought instead is now so horrible that I’m thinking it’s worth tracking down whatever the original was.

It was in a bottle of similar shape to am Herbal Essences shampoo, but the bottle was black and not transparent. The cap was shorter and bulged more so that it could be balanced upside down better.

I think that I found the shampoo because my barber suggested getting a protein shampoo. While it didn’t explicitly advertise itself as such, I think I recall that it had the word in the small description of the sciency gobbledy-gook on the front.

Any ideas?

Dove Men+Care?


Like this cap shape?


Do you remember about how much you paid?

I don’t remember how much I paid.

The shapes of the bottles that you two have posted aren’t very similar to the Herbal Essences one… The bottle was not cylindrical at all, more a wide shallow rectangle, and the base of the cap, where it meets the body, was narrow but them flared out to be a larger circle.

What store did you look for it at? Was it a store brand?

OP query may be less than thrilling GQ, but might have legs as a game show.

What did the shampoo smell like?

20 questions … I’ll go first …

Eastern or Western Hemisphere?

Did the bottle look like either of these?

(Neither of these brands has a black bottle. Just getting a better picture of the bottle.)

Gliss? http://www.schwarzkopf.com/en/brands/haircare/gliss/ultimate-repair.html

Yes, it might help to start with, what market?

You might have luck going to a Walgreens or CVS. They carry many brands not just the best selling brands. Look through online catalogs too.

I have a feeling that so far you’d be more successful wandering the stores in your area - too little information to make much out of.

Which store you bought it in, price range, or… just about anything, would probably help.

QFC, Pacific Northwest.

Generic pleasant-style shampoo.

Sort of like the first one, but narrowing even more below the pinnacle of the cap.

Aroma: Fruity, musky, nutty," fresh "
Liquid color: Red, blue, green, white, clear, almond, or any translucent of those
[del]Bottle color: clear, white, other with what color labeling / printing[/del]
read OP again

Herbal essence makes a black bottle in the shape of their other shampoos. The black bottle is their Coconut enhanced formula shampoo and conditioner.

Yep, that’s why I said “cap shape” not bottle shape. These wide caps that make it easier to stand the bottle on end seem to be all the rage.