What's on your clipboard?

Mine is a Second Life URL to the Spring Break Fair.

A link to today’s Amazon Daily Deal, which is Linda Goodman’s Love Signs. Sorry. I really like this book:



select Asn, resi 69+111+153+195+237+279

802A Reading Street
Folsom, CA 95630

nm (too much personal info)



On my clipboard at work:Probably something that I was filling into an Excel spreadsheet.
On my physical clipboard at home: A crossword puzzle as I tear the pages when I don’t have something solid to write on…:wink:

I think I’m going to go through Cody’s last blog draft and edit it where, when you read the first letter of every paragraph, it reads “HAIL HYDRA!”

da1 = (R3-R1)/(z1-z3);

Very much appreciated, we value your business! Thanks again!


I looked the URL to find out when the movement started for the post about when “nice guys” got its current meaning. Then I wound up not posting, as I couldn’t find proof that the old stuff actually used that term.

I’ve been doing some development in JS, and I already sense all my hatred of that language bubbling right back.