What's on your clipboard?

Sometimes hitting Ctrl/V doesn’t yield the results I expect – I was trying to retweet something and got this:

Oh, right, I was copy-editing Liberal Arts Math last night …

(was looking for something in the Crouton wiki.)

Cool question.

Mine is a user name I was looking up on Friday to help with a problem.


Mine’s empty.


URL I linked to in a post recently. I’d advise not clicking on it unless you want to get annoyed really really quickly.

Now, if you wouldn’t mind giving us your date of birth, and your mother’s maiden name…

Cypridina hilgendorfii

Why read to a baby? By the time babies reach their first birthday they have learned all the sounds they need to talk. Children who are talked and read to have a much larger vocabulary and are more likely to read at the correct age.

I was doing a pin on Pinterest for our work account (promoting early childhood education).


Apparently a database stored proc name that I needed for something.


The above was actually helpful to me.

A link to a recipe that I posted last night in the “what’s for dinner?” thread in CS.


Discord Over What to Pay the Doctor

It’s the title of a Wall Street Journal article I wanted to read.

Do you mean "What is the last thing I Pasted, from Copy or Cut?? I can just open notepad, and hit Paste and see what is in there. Of hit Paste right now, and you can see what is in there. At the moment, there is nothing, because I rebooted since the last time I used the edit function. I have a quick-launch button for notepad, which I use all the time, for composing material to be copied and pasted into text entry fields.


Which was something I posted yesterday on GQ concerning modern Aramaic. I’d forgotten that.

I expected it to be nothing. Instead, it’s this:



Related to an SDMB thread, of course.


One of the coordinates of an object I was editing in InWorldz (a 3D virtual world).