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Post what’s in your clipboard (ctrl-v) and then explain why.
(new member at www.somethingawful.com. The above is their most used image hoster. I copied the link to send home. p.s. this thread idea is copeid from sa.com too)
edit: It would help if I made more sense.

I found this fun little snippet in Wil Wheaton’s blog.

I would, but it has the username, email and IP address of a spammer we had to ban.

Moderators are no fun at this type of game.

Hmmm… The title of a text book that I never bought. Turns out I didn’t need it. I was looking for it on Amazon, but it turns out it was written by the University (of Colorado) and required for all freshman. Great way to squeeze another $35 bucks out of everyone.


I’d explain why, but then I’d have to kill you.

Okay, it seems to be something to do with our new payroll system at work.

“Is there a trophy for getting any large combination of skills?”

A question I asked in an online game about an hour ago.

" "

A single space. I didn’t even have to check. My keyboard has been partially broken for a little while, the spacebar being unfunctional as part of that, and I, being a lazy fuck, have retrained myself to just Ctrl+V all my spaces.

I’m using it right now, in fact.


Debt Dispute Letter

Not the link, but the actual contents of the letter that I pasted into Word to print and send.

I recieved a letter in the mail Monday from a debt collector. Problem was, that neither the company they claimed to be representing nor the amount were familiar. I called them for further clarification and they didn’t have any other information. The gist of the conversation was although I’m disputing it, they are going to continue to try to get me to pay it, thus the letter. If they can’t come up with something other than my name and an amount, I’ll get a cease and desist court order.

This was a friend’s MSN “personal message.” I was teasing her that it should probably have been “msg me if you want to get my attention,” since I was distracting her to no end.

“From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler”

My girlfriend was using this computer earlier, and this must have been from her. She loves nostalgic books from elementary school.


Link to a new Celtic/folkie CD I ordered, then sent the link via IM to a friend who wants it, too.

(There’s music samples there if anyone else is into Celtic/folkie stuff.)


I guess I copied this into an email for a friend…

I was reading an AP article on gay marriage being ruled legal (or more to the point - banning it being ruled unconstitutional) in Iowa. Linked the article in IM to my sweetie, then copied the quote from the first (inevitable) Pub who HAD to do something about it.


It’s a link that I included in a post I recently made in The Pit. Meh.

I can’t post mine, as it’s the home address of a chap in Coventry to whom I just sold something on eBay.

"*please provide a statement (between 250-500 words) that includes:

  1. Your reasons for wanting to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer; and
  2. How these reasons are related to your past experiences and life goals."

Yeah, I started working on my personal statement tonight.

Didn’t know that was still on my clipboard. This is a bit from an article about the dhrupad singers Nasir Aminuddin & Nasir Moinuddin Dagar that I am quoting in my thesis.


Cause my hard drive died on the laptop, and I figured I would do an all over upgrade.

if(curr_tally < max_tally) { curr_tally++; }

I know the braces are redundant, I didn’t write it I was just moving it around. I don’t know what “tally” means in the context this is used either, it’s just an index variable buggrit. I wish I had time to rewrite this stuff from scratch :frowning:

Part of the rules for a geocaching game I’m running starting tomorrow.