What's "Popeyes" (the fast food joint) like?

I’ve never seen one in Canada, but they’re all over the advertising I see on “Spike” for example.

Sounds like it would be a fairly decent alternative to burgers and tacos.

How is it, and why aren’t they in Canada?

I haven’t eaten there in years, but I think it’s fried chicken. Different recipe from KFC, but it’s a fried chicken place mainly.

I may be way off, but I think it has a strong following in the African American community.

Popeyes Chicken is Fuckin’ Awesome

Spicy fried chicken of various kinds is how I’d categorize it.

I don’t eat there often because the nearest to me us a small location located in a truck stop. They often don’t have the special items flogged on TV ads.

Love Popeye’s. Probably the best of the fast food chicken chains. You don’t have to get the spicy version, but you really should. You can also get a side of red beans & rice.

It’s more on the soul-food side of fried chicken than, say, KFC. Chicken comes either mild or spicy, the spicy version having a vinegar-based hot sauce (like Tabasco or Frank’s’) brushed onto the meat before it’s breaded and fried. The menu also includes fried shrimp, fried fish, po’boys (the meat of your choice on a baguette with lettuce, pickles, and seasoned mayo) and jambalaya. Sides include red beans & rice and fries alongside your more typical fried chicken sides.

There’s one across the parking lot from my work and I pop in occasionally. It’s not life-changing or anything, but it makes a decent snack, and they have the best biscuits anywhere.

Spicy chicken. Yeah, the best of the fast food places, though that’s not a high bar.

And I have to respectfully disagree, Oak. The dirty rice is the best.

Timbuk 3 even did a song about it: Dirty Dirty Rice.

They are. 10 locations in Toronto (but it looks like that’s it).

An hour and change is a long way to go for fried chicken, so I haven’t tried them, though.

Do you have KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in Canada? Popeye’s is similar to KFC but with a Cajun/New Orleans style twist. Their fried coating is spicier and they offer Cajun sides like red beans and rice, jambalaya, Cajun style “dirty” rice and Cajun spiced french fries. Even their mashed potato gravy has a Cajun-spicy option (you can get regular, non-spicy as well.) They also have some seafood offerings - fried shrimp and catfish.

It’s good for what it is but it’s still just fast food fried chicken. And for all the Cajun/Louisiana marketing, none of it is especially spicy - though it does have a distinct flavor found in Cajun cooking.

As far as the breading goes, the difference between it an KFC is like the difference between Wendy’s and McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

Neither is anything like the classic fried chicken, but I guess Popeye’s is closer.

The biscuits are amazing. The chicken is better than KFC and the like. The sides are OK. They have a wrap that is pretty good.

Of course we have KFC. I would LOVE to have a fast food place that served things like: red beans and rice, jambalaya, Cajun style “dirty” rice and Cajun spiced french fries along with fried shrimp and catfish.

Holy shit!

We don’t patronize it, since 99 Chicken opened. It’s a tiny Korean fried chicken place, all they do is fried chicken, available with about 10 different sauces. They serve it with a delish pickled daikon on the side.

This. Absolutely love it. “You can also get a side of red beans & rice”?! If you don’t get the RB&R you are an idiot. I said it. :wink:

See? Spicy chicken and red beans and rice at a fast food joint? Sign me up.

Only problem with the comparison…Popeyes puts KFC majorly to shame. After having it, I’ll never go back there again.

I love red beans and rice but I don’t get the love for Popeyes version. Personal preference and all that. I really don’t like their mashed potatoes either.

That said, the chicken is better than KFC and the biscuits, Cajun fries, and dirty rice are very tasty.

Great, now I have to go get Popeye’s tomorrow. Thanks, folks.

When I had it as a kid, they actually had Popeye the Sailor Man on the packaging. It wasn’t until years later I learned it wasn’t named after him.

I used to get the $2.50 “two piece + biscuit” deal every week at the Popeye’s across from the Eaton Centre back in the day. Yum!

And I seconded it. Sometimes I forgo the chicken and just get red beans and rice.