What's rattling in my TV?

Last month I bought a widescreen CRT TV and set it up in my front room. I found that when it was in use, there was a rattling noise coming from it. At first I thought it must be part of the stand it was on, resonating with certain frequencies from the speakers.

However, on further investigation, I’ve found that it happens even with the sound off, and the rattling seems to be coming from inside the back of the TV. It changes depending on what’s on the screen, too - so some camera angles are worse than others. The absolute worst seems to be when there’s a contrast of light and dark - like a 4:3 picture of a bright sky, with black on either side (because the TV’s widescreen). Once the TV’s been running for 30-40mins, the rattling happens less and less, and eventually goes away.

However, the problem seems to be getting worse, now that I’ve had this TV for 6 weeks or so it’s rattling more and more. I should investigate the warranty, and see about getting it sorted, but I want to know what’s rattling around.

Any ideas?

Could be a loose yoke or other high-voltage component. With rapidly varying points of differing potential, you can easily get mechanical vibrations in loose wires or parts due to electric field repulsion–the same phenomenon that makes your hair stand up when you touch a Van de Graff generator. I say take it back, if it’s that annoying.

It also just occurred to me that the “rattling” you’re describing might be high-voltage arcing from damaged or displaced insulation or something. Can you smell a strong ozone smell in the back of the set? You can also try looking into the back of the set through the vents when the problem happens for any signs of arcing. If you find any, definitely take it back as it poses a significant safety hazard.