What's Rutan Up to Now?

Check out picture 8. You’ll see Rutan and the new head of NASA pouring over what appears to be a blueprint. Hmmmm.

The thing about Rutan is, for a long while the hangar door stays closed and you don’t hear anything. Maybe the occassional bang or rattle, that’s it.

Then one day the doors open, some weird thing rolls out to the runway, and the tower at Mojave says “Burt, what do you call that thing?”

We’ll find out when he’s ready to tell us. As long as he keeps coming up with cool, new stuff that actually works I’m OK with that.

That’s a LANDER! Look at the legs!


(scroll down)
Nothing else about the meeting but some interesting stuff from Dr Griffin.


That’s what I thought when I first saw the picture. :slight_smile:

I think what looks like legs is actually the tail surfaces of his next generation spacecraft. Compare it to these screen captures I saved from the Discovery Channel shows about Space Ship One.

Right, he has a contract with Sir Richard Branson to build SpaceShip Two for his new “Virgin Galactic”.

He’s also doing some work for NASA on the return to the Moon plans (though he’s no longer going to be a prime contractor on it).