What's so bad about the short urinal?

Some of these posts fit nicely with my theories about scent-marking among humans. :wink:

For me, it’s just a matter of courtesy. If a little boy walks in, and some big galoot is using the short one, he’s gonna have to wait for that one fixture he can reach.

I vastly prefer the junior urinal. I do not know why, but its just more relaxing, during my moment of relaxation. Actually, I think I do know; when using that,I’m better aimed at the direct center. Not sure why this is, since I’m actually a fairly tall guy, but it just seems a better fit. Go figure.

The short urinal is by far the lesser of two evils when compared to the vile pee-trough.

There are different types of urinals, which require different approaches. The main difference is whether the bowl is full of standing water or not. If there’s water, and you’re at the junior urinal, it’s splash city.

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Folks, while this is an amusing thread, you all should know that the short urinal is mandated by ADA compliance regulations, which states that the ADA accessible urinal can be no more than 17 inches from the floor.

It is a common misconception that these urinals are for children.

So have fun, but be careful with your comments.

American Dental Association? WTF?

Americans with Disabilities Act

The short urinal makes less splash…simple as that. :smiley:

Or, in my case, no splash at all, because I’ve just peed on top of the damn thing.

Why not go back to those old, large urinals, which extended all the way to the floor?

The key to reducing splashback is to have your stream hit the urinal wall at a very low angle, as opposed to hitting close to the perpendicular. The low urinal allows you to angle the stream down so that it hits the back of the urinal and quietly flows down into the water. Almost zero splash. On the other hand, if you can’t aim (those of you saying you pee on top of it or on your shoes), please stick to the urinal that’s as close to your crotch as possible.

Cite for ADAAG regs. Scroll down and click on “Urinals”.

Dunno why the rest of you use the tall urinals. I use the short one because the extra vertical foot or so keeps me from “dipping” in.


If you weren’t peeing from the kneeling position, you wouldn’t have that problem. Have you thought about alcohol counseling?

Well, hopefully they’re there for use by children and not for the use of children. What would you use a child for on a urinal? To dry it?

I tried that, but now I’m not allowed back into Chuckie Cheeze!

The real question is why do bathrooms have the vile sticky-outy uninals? I hate those. Give me a tall, up against the wall urinal, please?

As a guy who often has to design rest room layouts, I admit that I’ve never thought about placing the short urinal between two regular urinals. Maybe next time.

However, if you walk into any rest room that I have designed, you will notice that I always specify the most wonderful thing know to man, the urinal partition (ok, so I exaggerate a bit). 18 inches of steel or laminate positioned between pissoirs. It won’t do away with the position games, but it gives some comfort when you have to pick the urinal that is next to an occupied one. It won’t be perfect, but you won’t have to leave without relieving yourself.

What’s your problem?
Inferiority complex?
Penis envy?
Second childhood?

The porcelain was gleaming white, from floor to above the waist, with a large pool of water at the bottom. One man was overherd to say “It sure is cold” to which the second replied “Deep too.”

So spingears, are you telling me that if you were in an empty bathroom and the next guy who entered came in and occupied the urinal right next to you, you wouldn’t be a little bit uncomfortable? (ssuming you’re a guy anyway. If not, what are you doing in the guy’s bathroom?)

one exception to all rules is Half time at the football.

Well here in Australia anyway.

You have 10 minutes to get to the bathroom have a slash, wash hands, get out, buy beer and meat pie, and return to your mates ready for kick off.

Those partitions are great.

I, too, hate the stick-out urinals. What are we, women? Are we going to sit down in the urinal? Hell no. We want something to piss ON, not piss IN.

Therefore, the finest urinals, I declare, are those glorious full-legnthers. Floor-to-ceiling, baby. It’s like pissing all over the wall, but you don’t get in trouble.

The best example of this are the urinals at the public men’s restroom at Jones Beach, New York. They’re basically a flat wall with some drains on the bottom.

I’ve only dealt with the piss-trough once in my life before. I THINK, though I’m not for certain, that it was at the Aggie arena at Texas A&M. Boy, did that suck.