What's so special about Zulu?

The Zulu are a nation living in southern Africa, right? Nonetheless I’ve heard Central European Time being referred to as “Zulu Time”. Probably it’s not that bad a term because calling the time zone Central European all over the hole length of the meridian would appear somewhat neo-colonialist, but OTOH there are plenty of nations living in CET, so why was “Zulu” picked? Besides, they made it into the international spelling code (you know, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and so on). OK, choice isn’t all that broad for Z, but one doesn’t hear too much about the Zulu so it’s not the most obvious pick. Are there any historical or other reasons why the term came into these usages?

I’m sure to get swamped with simulposts, but:


By this map ( http://aa.usno.navy.mil/faq/docs/world_tzones.html ) I see that I’m in Romeo time.



More, related to your other question (why Zulu for phonetic alphabet rather than Zebra, Zaire, Ziggurat, etc.?):


Hey, thanks guys! I’m a bit happier know, this mystery having been revealed fully to me.

[sub]And even more - Zulu Time isn’t CET, it’s CET-1h[/sub]