What's that bad, bad, bad picture of?

Hey, If you take pictures with your phone and you open up your images what’s the first pix of?
You don’t need to show them, just describe them. Add a backstory if you wish.

Mine is: A large Sonic cup on my deck rail.
Backstory: a butterfly landed on the tip of the straw, so I took a picture.

A photo of a 9.5-inch incision, held together with 43 staples, following my knee replacement surgery.

I only have 3 photos as my flip phone doesn’t have enough memory for more.

All 3 photos were taken at a concert in Ottawa. Two of them are of the band Stars, but the first photo is too blurry to tell which band is on stage. (So yes, it is indeed a bad, bad picture in that it’s poor quality.)

The display of a gas pump. The lazy bastards at the gas station I usually go to don’t replace the paper for receipts in a timely manner, and I don’t want to walk in just for a receipt. So I take a photo of the gallons and total price and check it vs my credit card statement.

In retrospect, I have never had an issue, but I hear about gas pumps being a target for card skimmers. And now that I think about it, I am not sure how reconciling the receipt against the card statement helps in any way, but I still do it.

My granddaughter, “driving” my car. No, we weren’t on the road - it was safely in the garage. Earlier that day, she’d been “driving” Grandpa’s truck.

I also have a flip phone and the only way to get pics off it is to text them to my daughter who will then email them to me. So I don’t take too many pics with it.

A picture of my insurance card, which I needed to text to my son so he could go to the doctor. Boring!

One of about 6 really crummy pictures I TRIED to take of 4 dogs all together! My friend and I meet at 6am every morning to walk our dogs. I have two and she has one of her own plus a foster. She asked me to take a pic of the dogs one morning so she could post them to the adoption site. She wanted to show how the foster was having fun with other dogs. In every picture, at least one dog is blurry because none of them would sit still for more than a second. The one picture of the foster that’s even somewhat good has a leash draped over her head! UGH

Taken just a few minutes ago: a rainbow in my bath tub.

Yesterday, I took a picture of an wide, otherwise-pristine clean, yellow metal beam (under construction bridge guard, lying on the ground) with dirty footprints on it from a construction worker who walked over it.

On Sunday, I took the pic for a Dope thread.
The last ones on the real cameras were Sat - seagulls on the bay after walking out of Billy Joel’s motorcycle collection, where I also got some shots.

The parts of a jewelry box I’m building. Cherry wood with dove tail joints.

On my Android phone, opening the photo gallery app doesn’t open a “first” picture. It opens a gallery, organized by date, so I guess the first picture it displays is whichever picture I choose first.

Kind of hypothetical-fighting, but there you go.

We’ve got a bunch of new offices on the 2nd floor of my building. The desks are assigned but not yet populated. There’s a sign on the door to the area listing who’s desk is where; I took a picture of the sign so I could type it up into a smaller sign that I could put at the front desk so when people inevitably start coming in asking for [person], I and everyone else who ever works at the front desk will know where to direct them.

Which reminds me, I should type that up right now!

Taken last night, it’s a shot looking down the bar at my favorite drinking establishment.

Back story: Pretty wild. The two guys in the picture, sitting next to each other, are both friends of mine with some very interesting similarities. Before I introduced them to each other (right after taking the picture) they did not know each other.

The first picture on my phone was taken in 2013 and it’s a picture of Edmonton. I had gone for a very long walk and found this view point.


A photo of my bedroom light surrounded by apricot clouds. I tried to take a photo of the sunset from my bedroom window, and the glass reflected the overhead light. I should delete it, but I thought it was funny at the time.

Hickory Dog’s Butt

I have four dogs and can never get a picture of them all together! They do sit still at times, but if I have a camera in my hand they won’t do it.

My friends new Birman kitten strolling around the gaming table on our games night. The table is strew with cards, Kaylish the kitten is trolling the gamers for fusses :slight_smile:

First meaning oldest? A picture of my dog at the vet’s office while we were waiting to be seen for the big, bloody chomp a groundhog did to his snoot. (a few staples and he was fine. Doesn’t even have a cool scar to show for it)

If it’s first meaning first one you see when you open the photos, which would be the latest photo: A picture of my cat stretching out her paws to “hug” my hand while she napped on my lap.

I swear some of the photos in between are of things other than my animals. :smiley:

Picture of my garage ceiling with a 4" hole in it and a bent operating shaft for the garage door. Took a limb off the oak tree through the roof last week. Can’t open that garage door until I get new parts.