What's That Black Thing Ghetto Kids Wear?

I am watching last year’s episode of The Wire on HBO and there is this black thing that a lot of the drug dealers wear on theor heads. I have seen it around town as well. Is it a specially made thing or just an old pair of panty hose. I feel so white bread sometimes,

Do you mean aDo-Rag?

Can do-rag mean a stocking-sort of fabric, or aren’t they just like a kerchief? If not, then he means the thing that looks like you stole your mama’s black pantyhose and put them on your head. Often it has “tails” that are either left to hang down the head or wrapped around the brow edge. I think they’re for maintenance of the hair style. They’re a specially made thing, you can buy them in that mysterious section of the hair products aisle that has African-American products white people have never heard of.

Thanks, that’s it. I found lots of info when I searched for do-rag.

Sounds like a do-rag… to promote the development of one’s waves. Also to keep pomade, etc. off the pillows. A lot of guys do use pantyhose as well. Personally, they either leave lines on my forehead or slip off in the night, so I don’t bother…

I don’t want Fop, dammit! I’m a Dapper Dan man.

Skull Cap?

Wave cap as well, those tend not to have a lot of loose material at the back.

It’s not just a ghetto thing. Suburban kids wear them too.

I am so going to Hell . . .

I was gonna say it…I swear to god…I was gonna say it.
Damn my morals.

In one of Sue Grafton’s alphabet novels, Kinsey Millhone bluffs her way into a gang of Hispanic auto-insurance frauds. She pondered on how strange it was that you could spot the most dangerous guys in the neighborhood by looking for the cats wearing stockings on their heads. :rolleyes:

Son, you’ve got a panty on your head…

Yeah, I understand that.

But…you really wanna make fun of the dude??