What's the accurate term for "brain massage"?

Have you ever been talking with someone (such as over the phone) and suddenly feel a pleasant tingling in your head or scalp? I call it a “brain massage” because it feels like a gentle tingling coming from within my head. It seems to happen when I talk with certain people and I am in a neutral or happy mood.

Have you ever felt it too and what’s the scientific name for it?


I know it’s not scientific, but we used to call it a “rush”.

Here’s another related thread from some time back (I still can’t find the thread I started). I get the same sensation, usually when I’m watching someone engaging in some sort of task who’s not regarding my presence. bmerton describes it pretty well.

Unfortunately, this question has never been resolved, although, having experienced both sensations, I can say for certain that it isn’t “piss shiver.”