What's the appeal of obviously fake Christmas trees?

Last week at K-mart I noticed a white artificial Christmas tree. I had never seen an artificial full sized tree that wasn’t green. Obviously many people prefer artificial trees for safety or convenience. But why would somebody buy a tree that’s so obviously fake? What market are they trying to appeal to? And per the famous scene in the Peanuts Christmas special, were odd colored trees more popular in the past?

When I was growing up our first family Christmas tree was all aluminum and silver in color. Even as a small child I knew something was wrong.

I think they’re supposed to be snow-covered trees. Or something.

There’s that whole retro/nostalgia kick back to simple holidays from your childhood.

Also, aluminum trees look good with all that Mid-Century Modern furniture that’s been hot for a while.

Personally I can’t get enough of fake trees - I want a pink one so badly. Obviously fake can be very charming, whether it’s flowers, or food (like those sushi combos seen on Japanese restaurant windows), or haircolor. The key word being obvious. No attempt to pass for the real thing.

One of the big things (growing up) that I didn’t understand in the Charlie Brown special was all the odd trees. I had seen artificial trees, but all the ones that I had seen resembled real trees. Apparently there was a time when they were in fashion.

The appeal of fakes is the fact that you aren’t vacuuming needles from your carpet in July

As a kid I remember staring for hours at our aluminum Christmas tree which was illuminated with a rotating color wheel. I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

I am the market they are trying to appeal to :).

I have an all-black plastic christmas tree.

I bought it because I like the way it looks. I also decorate it with only blue and silver decorations and with blue and white LED lights and I think it looks great.

It doesn’t matter to me that it is black. I know my tree is fake and probably most people who will ever see it will be aware that it is fake. Its being green would not cause me to think of it as more real.

Is it really all that surprising that there has turned out to be a market for an incredibly common seasonal product in more than one colour?

Some people are bored of green :D. Although not me so much, green is actually my favourite colour - I just saw a black tree one day in the store and I was converted.

Also, I think that getting a bunch of shiny-shiny and covering a tree with it pretty much makes any tree or tree-representation look fake.

I need real trees. It doesn’t really feel Christmassy to me unless I smell the real tree and step all over needles and have to crawl underneath to water the damn thing and get sap in my hair.

Now that’s Christmas!

Two years ago we had a real tree for the first time in 10 years. I agree, *that *is what Christmas smells like! I’m glad we went back to doing it.

As chowder said it’s cleaner without the mess of needles (picking them out when they’re entangled in the carpet is no fun), easy to assemble, and cheaper than buying one every year. There are some pretty realistic looking ones nowadays. I don’t know why people would go all out for the off-colored, weird ones though.

Why would you assume that realistic trees are more desirable in the first place? You think those of us with fakes are trying to pass it off as real? Clearly, they’re trying to appeal to the market that thinks fake trees are better than real ones. It’s like asking “Obviously people prefer metal cars for safety and convenience, but why would anyone buy a car that’s clearly not wooden? Who are they trying to appeal to?” The people that don’t want their cars looking wooden, perhaps?

They also tend not to make your 7 year old so sick he needs to spend Christmas at his grandparents because he can’t set foot anywhere near your living room.::frowning: That was the first and only time my family tried using a real tree.

What aspect of Christmas isn’t fake?

Why shouldn’t fake things look fake? If you’re gonna go for a fake Christmas tree, I say go for a silver one (or a black one, or a purple one . . .). Do you object to Christmas lights that aren’t shaped like candle flames?

How old are you, instllLSC?

As mentioned above, for the most part you’re right, it’s mostly a nostalgia, '60’s thing. If memory serves, silver & white trees were popular during the early 1960’s, but died out soon afterward.

Love, Phil

People buying obviously fake trees, are buying them because they are the cheapest available or they are looking at the artistic appeal of the item. I saw some metallic ones in the last two years I would have liked a few of in different sizes and colors. I would not want one large metallic one all decorated as the main tree. I would have like three small ones in a group with other stuff like cyclamen, poinsettia and amaryllis in bloom.

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You and your flowers!

Wow, weird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a metallic Christmas tree.

We had a fake green one growing up. The best part was the awesome fort we made out of the box every year!