What's the best Canadian beer?

I think it’s Rickard’s Red.

Defining terms: for this argument, should be a beer commonly available just about anywhere, and a beer that is Canadian, not just produced under license from an American brewery.

Molson Canadian or Moosehead…

but a good Sleemans Honeybrown is always nice for a change

Rickards Red is definitely a good choice.
I prefer a Labatt product (the best being LGD) over a Molson product (the best being Molson Dry) anyday.
I prefer Glacier-Fresh Kokanee beer over all though.
I really need to start looking at some of the microbreweries around here.

Moosehead stands alone in large production and Glatt Bros. is a great choice in Canadian microbrewery brown pop fermenting.

I’d have to say either Clancy’s Amber Ale(made by Moosehead), or Sleeman’s Honey Brown.
Mind you there’s a brew-pub here in town (Moncton, NB) that makes pretty good brew… but as of yet, I think it’s only available there, although I’ve heard that he has plans to bottle and sell at liquor stores soon.

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You are all wrong: so very, very wrong.

“La Fin Du Mond” is this ale from Quebec, and it’s divine! Where Rickard’s Red is to Thunderbird Wine, La Fin Du Mond is to Champaign! One of my favorite beers made on this continent. You must treat yourself to one. Mmmm-mmmm.

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La Fin Du Monde is a pretty damn good beer, but the best Canadian beer has got to be Big Rock Traditional Ale.

Gee, I don’t think any of us expected him to say that.

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I must agree with bedboy.


Truly, Sleeman’s Honey Brown is the best.

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Oh joy of joys, the Holy grail of Posts. Anyone remember the “World’s best Beer” post from a few months back?

Top Ten Canadian brews (and I speak relationally)

  1. Blackhorse, produced by Molson in newfoundland. Only marginally better than the urine of its namesake.

  2. Labatt Wildcat. Western brew, real “house beer” if you get my meaning.

  3. Draft Labatt Blue, with a liberal sprinkling of salt. (Hey they put lime in corona, why not?)

  4. Jockey Club. Another newfie blend, its famous in St John;s at the university for being the choice brew of the philosophy dept. They go by the name “The Jockey Club”

  5. Kokanee. From sea to shining sea, a fine brew. You’d swear you were drinking a light beer. Tastes great and less filling.

  6. Northern Light lager, produced by the Quidi Vidi brewing company of St JOhn’s Newfoundland. A Very good beer. They also do a traditional dark ale.

  7. Sleeman’s Honey Brown. Indeed, a very good beer, and produced in Ontario. Now if only they’d send it EAST.

  8. Labatt Genuine Draft. LGD, as its affectionately known, can double as paint thinner… OOps thats Labatt Max Ice. LGD is a darn good bear, the bottle tasting marginally better than the can.

  9. Molson Export. If there is a beer that surprised me, this is it. Even in a can at 20,000 feet ASL, its a helluva beer. Kudo’s to Molson, this is the only product you make I rate this highly.

and the number 1 best beer in Canada!

  1. Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale, definitely with liberal use of salt in, around, and with the beer. It gives it “life” and vitality, they tell me.

Moosehead Draft. Now and again you’ll get a really “fausty” keg, it tastes like swine swill and its only because you paid $4 damn dollars for beer that you finish it out of sheer stubborness. I can’t believe I see so many people extolling this gunk; there’s better beers to be had.

Sleeman’s Cream Ale While honey brown is alright, I have to say, most everything in Sleeman’s lineup tastes (a) the same, and (b) like its microbrewed. I’d rather the draft beer taste, anyday. It shows in my list too. For this same reason (a), I don’t like Molson… They all taste like Blackhorse (with the exception of Ex, what a good beer).

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(and join you all in a Blue in an hour or so!)

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Silly question. Of course the answer is:

The one in your hand
Same as the best American, German, Australian, etc…

Don’t overthink these things

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.


If it helps you out any, I am a Molson girl.

I prefer Molson Ice personally, it’s about the only beer I drink.

< gives ChiefScott a hug > It’s okay…

Are general type questions allowed here? I asked this in another beer thread two or three months ago and promptly killed it.

Does anyone remember Labatt Copper?

weirddave reminded us:

I just don’t think that can be said enough. Be thankful for the beer you have. There may not be another.

That said, I’d very much prefer that my last beer (if it muct be Canadian) be a Rickard’s or Kokanee.


Damn, Unc, I remember seeing it advertised. But I’m damned if I know what happened to it. I’ll do some poking around amongst my homebrewer friends and let you know what I turn up.


Labatt Copper… I remember the ad campaign and everything, try Copper A and B first, they decided on A, and then promptly killed the line several months later when it was a flop.

You can still find the odd case lying around in the back of beer coolers around the boondocks of Canada.

I’ll stick with the Blue.


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mmmmmmm, Clancy’s - must go to New Brunswick - must go to New Brunswick…

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Are there any commercial beers brewed in the Yukon? If so, let me know-I like to collect beer bottles.

Gotta go with anything from Big Rock - I love their Grasshopper ale. In BC (I’m not sure if they’re available elsewhere), go with Okanagan Spring Pale Ale or Shaftebury Rainforest Ale. Mmmmmmm.

From the big brewers, Canadian, Kokanee, and Labatt Classic are OK. I hate LGD - over carbonated, weak tasting piss if you ask me.

I, too, remember Labatt Copper. I even tried it once - not particularly memorable.

Lord Derfel,

I bought a case of it one night, and the lesson it taught me the day after was more memorable than the act of drinking it.

At least draft only gives you headaches.


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