What's The Best "Get Rich Quick Scheme"(As Advertised on TV)?

If you watch cable TV, you no doubt have seen many commercials for schemes that will make you a lot of money:
-real estate investing
-stock market trading methods
-buying wholesale and reselling
All of these ads showsuccessful people…with a disclaimer underneath, with words like: “results not typical”.
Are there any independent rating agencies for these schemes?
And, do all AMWAY distributors get rich? :wink:

Usually, they work great, generating thousands of dollars of income every day.

For the guys behind the commercials, that is. Not for you.

Remember: “If is seems to good to be true, chances are that it is.”

Buying wholesale and reselling? Wouldn’t that make you like, ya’ know, a retailer?

I know lots of them.

I used to babysit for an Amway couple. They never made any money despite putting their heart and soul into it.

My impression of Amway is you CAN make money with it if you already had money to begin with. It helps if you’re a really good liar, too.

In the interest of balance, I actually know somebody who got rich off of the real-estate-with-no-money-down thing, and he started out barely able to pay his bills.

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I once talked to an attorney about representing me in a divorce. He was a Quixtar representative (related, somehow, to Amway) and used our consultation to try to sell me on it. He sent me a bill for fifty bucks for the consultation. I never paid it. I figured that he spent as much time on the damn Quixtar as he did on my case, and I wasn’t going to pay for the privilege of listening to this BS. (In the end, I did the divorce myself, with no formal legal help at all.)

Your friend is lucky. As I’ve posted before, my mother is a landlord. She’s now in the process of selling some of her properties. She’s been contacted by a few of Carlton Sheets’ customers and has met with one or two. Once they bring out the copies of the worksheets, it’s all over. She will not do business with these people, period. Some of her fellow landlords will not do business with them, either.


Hasn’t Amway changed its’ name in recent years?

MsRobyn, can you give a summary of the Sheets Plan? I’ve always been curious how it works. If it takes too long to explain, skip it. I don’t want to totally hijack the thread, but it would be interesting to see how a scam the OP started with actually works.

I always liked Tommy Wu’s money making technique. His informercials used to show on late night television but I haven’t seen them in years and years. He had a little trouble with english and it always sounded like he was talking about “Tommy Wu’s melon making tek-nik.”


Well, the ideas behind some of it are fine - but you don’t need to send anybody any money to find out how to make money from real estate, or from judicious auction buying, or that sort of thing.

Generally speaking you have to have money to make money on this sort of thing. There is no shortcut. You can buy the most run-down house (or the ugliest-decorated, or the worst-lawn) on the block, spend three thousand dollars on it, and make ten thousand in profit, sure. But you gotta be able to afford the house first.

Sorry it took so long to respond; this thread didn’t come up on a vanity search.

I don’t really understand the intricacies of Sheets’ program. Basically, it’s predicated on the seller really wanting to unload the property badly enough to want to make a LOT of concessions to the buyer. In a buyer’s market, or with certain “distressed” properties, it can work. In a seller’s market, forget it. No seller with half a brain will do business this way; it’s a good way to lose your property and your shirt.

This is one guy’s response.


Lottery number-picking schemes always seemed like the ultimate in get rich-quick schemes. The others were proposing stupid ways of working your way to riches, this one bypassed all that to show you how to get rich by doing nothing at all!

“And if you match five out of the six numbers, just look at how much you’ll get by using the Super Pick system!”

Getting those 5 numbers was the kicker, though.