What's the best mobile word processor?

I’m thinking of buying a mobile word processor to help me finish up my research. I want something smaller than a standard laptop computer, with decent battery life. I had considered purchasing an ASUS or something similar but perhaps the teeming millions can suggest better devices. Recommendations, warnings, anecdotes, opinions all welcome!

This might fit the bill (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphasmart) You won’t be able to surf the web or check email like you can with a netbook. You can pick these up for pretty cheap on ebay.

I think this might be perfect. It has long battery life, non-volatile storage, and expandable memory. It’s also inexpensive.

Chortle, except I can type way faster than I can write on a pad, also if I use a pad I’m going to have to rewrite everything into a word processor at some stage.

Check this threadon the ASUS line of pceees. I like the 900 model with XP and the 160GB hard drive.