What's the best song off of "Up"?

The decline. For me, there are really only 4 choices here: “Daysleeper”, “At My Most Beautiful”, “Lotus” and “Suspicion”. Because of these songs, this album is worthwhile to me, though it also contains some undeniable crap (the band is fond of playing “Walk Unafraid” live, but it makes me cringe). I don’t expect there will be nearly as many votes from here on out, but we’re almost at the end, and I must keep going. What say you (or the 2-3 of you who know these songs)? I went with “At My Most Beautiful” - I’m a sucker for their piano ballads.

“At My Most Beautiful” is by far the best song on the album, but I also think it’s one of their best songs, period. I actually like “Walk Unafraid.” I don’t really like “Lotus” or “Suspicion.”

The more I listen to “Up,” the more I like it. This is less the case with some later albums.

I can’t even vote for this. This album came out during kind of a tough time in my life and I can’t really listen to it anymore because it always reminds me of that. It also sounds really creepy to me. I’m not sure if that’s legitimately part of the music, or just my own memories coloring it.

I was always partial to I’m too Sexy.

I think that some of it legitimately the music. So much of it has this distorted, almost robotic quality. Very dark, very growl-y.

It was between this album and New Adventures in Hi-Fi that I got into REM, and getting this after listening obsessively to the entire back catalogue was jarring. It’s definitely creepy.

I was wondering why there was a poll about a Shania Twain album I didn’t really like that album although her older stuff is decent.

The best song off Up is “Signal to Noise.”

Oh. Right. Different Up.

I think it says something that while I know basically all the words to every album I own, I had to go to Amazon’s samples to remember which song was which. There were so many songs on this album that I could never stand.

I picked ‘Hope,’ but on another day it could have been ‘Daysleeper’ or ‘At My Most Beautiful.’ Daysleeper came on the radio the other day and made me smile, so there’s that.


As much as I love Mari-Mac, I have to respectfully disagree … it’s a really fun party song, but *Chemical Workers Song *works on so many levels that I have to go with it.

So why does the Poll have all the wrong titles, anyway? :smiley: