What's the best translation of Hugo's Les Mis?

I’ve been meaning to re-read Les Mis for about, oh, the past two days. I looked it up in my school’s library catalogue, and there are about sixteen different versions of it – in the original French, nineteenth century translations, abridged English translations, one into German, blahblahblah.

Can anyone recommend one translation over another? I’d prefer unabridged, since that’s what I read when I was 12, and if I could handle then, I can handle it now, I think. But if there’s an abridged translation that transcends an unabridged version, then I’ll go for that. Ideally, an abridged suggestion would have only description cut, and not plot.

I found this earlier thread, but the info is kinda vague. Penguin or Signet? What translations have you read and enjoyed?

I have the Penguin Classics version which is translated by Norman Denny. I have no idea if it is the best, but I believe Penguin Classics has a very good reputation.

Penguin. In my observation, the funny parts are much funnier as opposed to Signet. I am thinking, for instance, of the scene where Marius meet L’Aigle de Meaux (or one of the fellas anyway) just after having been kicked out of his grandfather’s house.

I read this scene in Signet and it was very flat.