Whats the best washing machine?

Our washing machine died two days ago :confused: and obviously we need a new one. We also want the best value for our money, so in your opinion what is a the best washing machine? If you happen to have one that is a POS please tell me that too so we don’t end up buying one like it. Thanks much for your help.

BTW we don’t need anything overly fancy, just one that is going to last and is preferably Energy Star rated

Here are the recommended buys after testing by the Australian consumer guide Choice. Top loaders first then front loaders. They scored them for
Capacity (kg)
Dirt Removal
Spin Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Water Efficiency
Water used
Running Costs
Normal Wash Cycle Time

Small (up to 5.5kg)

FISHER & PAYKEL Pride MW511 $599
HOOVER 500MD $649
SIMPSON Eziset 550 36S550L $699

Medium (6-7 kg)
WESTINGHOUSE LT609S Complete Care $799
HOOVER 600MD $749

Large (7.5 kg or more)
FISHER & PAYKEL Intuitive Eco IW812 $1099

Small (up to 5.5kg)
MIELE Novotronic W828 $1799

Medium (6-7 kg)
MIELE Novotronic W1986 $2999
WHIRLPOOL 6th Sense AWM 8121 $968

Large (7.5 kg or more)
LG WD-1019BD $1999

The Kenmore Elite King Size

When they say “king size” they aren’t kidding. You can wash an ungodly amount of stuff all at once with this bad boy.

We never had a lick of trouble out of ours. The only reason I don’t have it now is because we had to move and washers aren’t allowed here.

I miss Frank :frowning: