Whats the best way to clean your ears??

I have tried zillion billion times to clean my ears really clean with ear buds , but some wax and dirt somehow somewhere stays behind.

Any remedies

I put mine in the dishwasher.

Seriously, there are solutions you can buy OTC for this. I’d imagine that some wax in your ears isn’t harmful, though. Q~Tips are really only meant for cleaning around the outside part of your ears, you shouldn’t poke them way down there.

Sand blaster followed by compressed air to clear out the detritus.

Ear buds? Sounds like something you’d smoke.

Have you tried a pressure washer?

OK, then what about one of those wax removal kits? Also, like Carina42 says, Q-Tips should do the trick. They work fine for me. Maybe some good old soap and water, and a washcloth would help?

Ya know, they say if your ears get too dirty, you’ll grow potatoes in there, so just be careful. :stuck_out_tongue: