What's the best way to find an old friend?

I apologize if this has been asked/answered before. I quickly looked, but I didn’t ing anything.

I’m actively trying to track down an old friend from high school. This is not a “long lost love”-type search. Just a dear old friend who I would really like to just get in touch with.

I have some ruidemantary pieces of infor, such as her name, father’s name, brother’s name, high school she attended, etc.

Is ther a service that works particuluarly well? Like I said, I’m not a crazy stalker looking to hunt somebody down… just a girl I was great friends with that meant a lot fo me in the course of my life, that I’d like to just drop a line to to tell her how much she meant to my adolecent life.

If anybody has any tips or suggestions, I’d be happy to hear.


What have you tried so far?

I would try, for starters, just punching their name into facebook or Google. Also, I would check Whitepages.com.
After that, I would go back to facebook and try tracking down other people that were in the same circle as her. Someone may know how to get a hold of her or at least be willing to pass along a message (and, if you want, your email address/phone number).

Since the OP is looking for advice, let’s move this over to IMHO.

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Her age is important.

You would probably be better off finding her brother or father as women tend to get lost by databases if they get married and change their names.

A few free search tools are

US wide name search by locality www.zabasearch.com - surprisingly powerful

State property tax databases. Arranged by county. Most of these are online and include search capability. I you think her parents or relatives are still in a certain locale you can potentially search owned properties by last name…

Facebook - If the surname is uncommon you might have some luck with the global name search feature. If common it will not be of much help.

Page for the high school on facebook. Many people register on these facebook sites to reconnect. As there are many name duplicate high schools make sure it is YOUR HS before spending time searching the friends under that page.

www.classmates.com - this is a pay service to get the connect info or send email, but IIRC you can use it free to see if your friend registered on their site for the school and graduation year.

The Salvation army has a World wide people finding network.